Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Mike Kennedy( Kogel ) - Recital en La Zarzuela (1970)

This is a live album recorded "without" postproduction or posterior retouching 
and remixing.
 It seams as it was made for the fan club.

"...Yes, the Beatles came first. In fact, the name Los Bravos was chosen for the spanish band because it starts with the letter "b". But who cares, there is one thing the beatles they never had: 
The voice of Mike Kennedy (It's actually Kogel, changed to an English sounding name in order to not frighten the snoby british press).

He was born (in Germany) with the most gorgeous voice. Masculine, yet 
exquisite. He was a great singer too, meaning, he knew how to use that "tool" of his 
voice. Exploding and fully living those songs with a punctuated delivery both in english 
and spanish. Los Bravos also had the great "touch" of the marvelous british orchestral arranger: Ivor Raymond (the same one as Dusty Springfield) and Alain Milhaud (pop-tops). His early solo records were aranged by: " Jean Bouchety " . The Beatles wrote all their own songs (with exceptions). This could be good or bad. Even though Los Bravos co-wrote many of their hits, they also were open to other outside professional writers. This in my opinion is great, because a great song is a great song no matter who wrote it. Since being based in Spain, its clear that the Brits and Americans were not gonna make life too easy for the band (trying there best not to give them airplay time), so naturally they are not as well know as they should be. In fact, some of their most important "singles" were never released in the UK/USA and are very hard to find today..."


Mike Kennedy ex Los Bravos
(MIchael Kogel - Germany: 
aka Michael, Michael & The Firebirds, Mike Rat & The Runaways, The Beat-Mixers)


01 - Intro
02 - Save Me, Save Me
03 - Baby I Love You
04 - Dirty Street
05 - Rock And Roll Medley
06 - Yo Soy Aouel
07 - If You Go Away
08 - La Lluvia
09 - Back In The Ussr
10 - For Once In My Life
11 - Sympathy
12 - Whole Lotta Love
13 - River Deep Mountain High
14 - Nights In White Satin
15 - Que Te Ouiero! (Que Je T'aime)
16 - Black Is Black
17 - Livin' Lovin Maid (She's Just A Woman)
18 - Final Recital
19 - My Way
20 - In The Ghetto

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