Saturday, June 30, 2018

VA -Maeva presents - Popcorn Oldies Vol.1-3

Radio Maeva Belgium

VOL. 3 (no covers)

A1 - The Mc Guire Sisters - Banana Split                    
A2 - Gene Chandler - Everybody Let's Dance                  
A3 - Margie Rayburn - Try Me                                
A4 - Maureen Evans - Starlight Starbright                   
A5 - The Three Swingers - Kookie Little Paradise            
A6 - Debby Dovale - Hey Lover                               
A7 - Ray Rush - So What                                     
A8 - Little Willie John - Fever                             
B1 - Jane Morgan - Maybe                                    
B2 - Richard Chamberlain - You Always Hurt The One You Love 
B3 - Mark Robbin - Makin' Love                              
B4 - Jerry Walace - Helpless                                
B5 - Angie Moreno - Spanish Harlem                          
B6 - James Darren - Hail To The Conquering Hero             
B7 - Tommy Zang - With Love                                 
B8 - The Sheridan Orchestra - Tokyo Melody  


  1. here cover

  2. Thanks.But it's have a very small size. I have it , but I didn't post it for this reason ... Thank you again.


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