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Peter Jay &The Jaywalkers - Jaywalkin' Singles 1962-1965

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Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers were a British instrumental beat group in the early 1960s. Originally based in East Anglia, England, the Jaywalkers, comprising Peter Miller (lead guitar), Tony Webster (rhythm guitar), Mac McIntyre (tenor saxophone/flute), Lloyd Baker (piano/baritone saxophone), Geoff Moss (acoustic bass), Johnny Larke (electric bass), and Peter Jay (drums), pre-dated the British beat boom.

 They scored a minor hit in 1962 with ‘Can Can 62’, but despite an unquestioned competence, their rather stilted act became increasingly anachronistic."Can Can 62", was produced by Joe Meek and reached the British singles chart in 1962.  The group attempted a more contemporary image with several R&B-based releases, and in 1966 a restructured line-up emerged under the name Peter Jay And The New Jaywalkers. Now reduced to a quintet, the unit featured vocalist Terry Reid, but despite an impressive appearance on the Rolling Stones’ UK tour, they disbanded by the end of that year.The group toured with both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones before disbanding in 1966.

Having caught the tail-end of the instrumental boom with hit 45 ‘Can Can ‘62’, they recorded a further eight singles for Decca and then Pye, many produced by the legendary Joe Meek.
This is the first time that The Jaywalkers’ recordings have officially been compiled onto CD, remastered from the original tapes.
Both Peter Jay and guitarist ‘Big Boy’ Pete Miller are cooperating with this release, via a raft of anecdotes and rare photos/images.
‘Parchman Farm’, ‘Before The Beginning’ and ‘Red Cabbage’ (as in ‘Green Onions’!) are now valuable collector’s items among the Mod fraternity.

Can Can '62 - Single Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers

1.Can Can '62*

Peter Jay &The Jaywalkers - Jaywalkin' Singles 1962-1965 (2012)

* 01. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Can Can '62                  
* 02. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Redskins                     
03. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Totem Pole                   
04. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Jaywalker                    
05. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Poet  Peasant                
06. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Oo, La la                    
07. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Kansas City                  
08. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-The Parade Of The Tin Soldier
09. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-If You Love Me               
10. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-You Girl                     
11. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Where Did Our Love Go        
12. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Caroline                     
13. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Tonight You're Gonna Fall - J
14. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Red Cabbage                  
15. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Parchman Farm                
17. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Before The Beginning         
* 19. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Mistral (bonus)  

Tracks 16 (What's Easy For Two Is So Hard For One);18 ( Solitaire) missing... 

Help found it,or full album in hight quality  


  1. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers* ‎– Jaywalkin' Singles 1962-1965
    Label:RPM Records (2) ‎– RETRO 906
    Format:CD, Compilation

  2. Tracks 16,18.

    Thanks Nico for this...


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