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The Beatstalkers- Scotland's No.1 Beat Group (1965-69)

The Beatstalkers was a Glasgow beat group of the late 1960s. The Beatstalkers were sometimes billed as "the Scottish Beatles", and like other Scottish beat groups The Poets, The Athenians and The Pathfinders, specialised in covers of US hits.
In 1962 Alan Mair and Eddie Campbell formed the Glasgow band with a lineup included Davie Lennox on vocals, Eddie Campbell on guitar, Alan Mair on bass and ‘Tudge’ Williamson on drums (replaced by Jeff Allen). Later Ronnie Smith joined the group on rhythm guitar.Under the management of Joe Gaffney, the band went on to become Scotland's "top group" at the time.

The group came to the attention of Decca Records in London after a near riot at a free concert in George Square, Glasgow.[5] However the band were unable to translate success in Scotland into success in England.They decided to split in 1969 after their van was stolen with all their equipment in it.

Alan Mair went on to play with The Only Ones and drummer Jeff Allen played with East of Eden. The Beatstalkers played a reunion concert On 23 December 2005 in Glasgow.


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