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The Sandpipers (Guantanamera) Album (UK) 1966

Guantanamera was an LP album, the first album featuring The Sandpipers, released by A&M Records in October 1966. The album reached #13 on the Billboard Top LPs chart, while the title track, released as a single, reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100. Dolores Erickson appeared on the front cover which received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Album Cover - Photography.

The October 15, 1966 issue of Billboard Magazine reviewed the album.

The "Guantanamera" hit group have a sure-fire sales winner in this, their debut LP which also includes their new single "Louie Louie." Produced by Tommy LiPuma, the album offers a most diversified program of fresh, creative ideas. The smooth blend of voices, backed by the Latin flavored arrangements throughout, makes it an intriguing package.
The U.S. catalog numbers were LP 117 in monaural and SP 4117 in stereo. International releases included Australia (A&M SAML 932,128), Canada (A&M LP 117 and SP 4117), France (A&M 875 030), Germany (London SHA 202 and A&M 212 008), Italy (Derby DBL 8022), Japan (King AML-20), Mexico (A&M printed by Discos Tizoc, TAMM-9017 and TAMS-9017), Netherlands (A&M 540 415), New Zealand (A&M SAML 932128), Spain (A&M LP 117 and SP 4117), Taiwan (First FL-1501 on orange vinyl and Bell Song SWL-1043 on red vinyl), United Kingdom (Pye International NPL.28086), and Venezuela (A&M AMS-5007).

In addition to the 1966 LP released in the UK on the Pye label, a second LP also titled Guantanamera was released in 1970 in the UK on the A&M label (AMLB 1004) with a different cover and a track list composed of eight songs from the original Guantanamera LP plus three songs from The Sandpipers LP. Stan Britt of Record Buyer magazine supplied the sleeve notes.

In the 2012 novel A Quiet Life in Bedlam by Patricia Bjornstad, the lead character Kate Bamber relates a detailed fictional account (p. 94) of being the subject of the Guantanamera cover photo.


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  1. I had completely forgotten about both this group and this song, so I THANK YOU for reminding me! Cheers, and Happy Holidays / Cool Yule to you and yours!


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