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The Rolling Stones Decca Years Complete and more...

Even though Dick Rowe may not be familiar to most music fans, his impact on rock history is large.

In 1962, he was the head of A&R at Decca Records, and the man who infamously turned down signing a promising new group called the Beatles to his label. While lightening usually doesn't strike twice, Rowe was not about to let this blunder happen again.
On a recommendation by none other than George Harrison, Rowe ventured out to catch another promising new act called the Rolling Stones. On May 5, 1963, Rowe caught the band at the Crawdaddy Club in London; within the week, the band was signed to the label.
The Stones were putting all their pieces in place. On May 1, Brian Jones signed a management contract among the band, Andrew Loog Oldham and Eric Easton's new company, Impact Sound. Next stop: image makeover.
"We went with [Oldham] on the morning of May 4, 1963, to Carnaby Street," recalled Stones bassist Bill Wyman in his Stone Alone autobiography. "He bought us all these tight black jeans, black roll-neck sweaters and highly fashionable Anello & Davide black Spanish boots with Cuban heels."
The band played the Crawdaddy the following night, caught the attention of Rowe and the rest is history. Their debut single, a raw version of the Chuck Berry rocker "Come On," was issued just a month later. '"The Beatles, who recommended the Stones to Decca, may well live to rue the day," Don Nicholl prophetically wrote in the weekly music paper Disc. "This group could be challenging them for top places in the immediate future."

On the 16th of April, 1964, Decca Records released the first of what would become many albums by the iconic rock band, The Rolling Stones.


12x5 1964 

Around & Around (1964 Germany Mono)

Rolling Stones (1964 )

Englands Newest Hit Makers (1964)

Rolling Stones No. 2 (1965)

Now! (1965)

Decembers Children (1965)

Out of Our Heads [USA] (1965)

Out of Our Heads [UK] (1965)

Aftermath [USA] (1966)

Aftermath [UK] (1966)

Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) [UK] (1966)

Between the Buttons [USA] (1967)

Between the Buttons [UK] (1967)

Flowers (1967)

Beggars Banquet (1968)

Let It Bleed (1969)

Through the Past, Darkly (1969)

Get Yer Ya-Yas Out! (1970)

Stone Age (1971)


Necrophilia 1972 (?)

Milestones (1972)

Rock 'N' Rolling Stones (1972)

No Stone Unturned (1973)

Metamorphosis (1975)


Acoustic Motherfuckers   (1968-93)

Got To Be Worked On (of 1966-1970 studio outtakes)  (2007)

Live In London

Charlie Is My Darling - live 1965

Got LIVE If You Want It! (1966)

Got LIVE if you want it! [EP] (1965)

Chess Chicago Outtakes 1964

 The Complete British Radio Broadcasts 1963-1965 


VA - Connection 1963 - 66 [SAGA RS1]

Singles Collection - The London Years

Box Singles 1963-1971

Genuine Black Box

Hot Rocks 1964-1971

At The Rarest  lp  (196?)

Rarities 1971-2003

Pure Instrumental



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