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The Fabulous Irish Showbands 60's & 70's (4 CD Set)

The Irish showband is a dance band format which was popular in Ireland mid-1950s to the mid-1980s, though some showbands have survived until the present day.[when?] The showband was based on the internationally popular six- or seven-piece dance band. The band's basic repertoire included standard dance numbers and covers of pop music hits. The versatile music ranged from rock and roll and country and western songs to traditional dixieland jazz and even Irish Céilí dance, Newfie stomps, folk music and waltzes. Key to a showband's popular success was the ability to perform songs currently in the record charts. Some bands also did comedy skits onstage.

The lineup usually featured a rhythm section of drums, lead, rhythm and bass guitars, a keyboard instrument, and a brass section of trumpet, saxophone and trombone. The band was fronted by one or two lead singers, who were assisted by other band members on backing vocals. Comedy routines were sometimes featured. The Irish showband, unlike the big band, played standing,[1] and members would often step, dip and bop in the manner of Bill Haley & His Comets or a black soul band, which brought more energy to the performance. Initially, the bands' tours were limited to Irish venues. As the scene progressed, the more successful bands toured Irish clubs located in Britain the United States and Canada. Some later rock- and soul-oriented Showbands toured German nightclub circuits and a myriad of US Army base clubs in Europe.


1-1 –Pat Lynch  & The Airchords Walking On New Grass
1-2 –Gregory* & The Cadets Girl Of My Dreams
1-3 –Tony & The Graduates Kelly
1-4 –Brendan Bowyer & The Royal Showband* Boulavogue
1-5 –Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners I'm Gonna Change Everything
1-6 –Dickie Rock & The Miami Showband Mairzy Doats And Dozy Doats
1-7 –Jack Ruane Showband* Creole Jazz
1-8 –Butch Moore & The Capitol Showband Spanish Eyes
1-9 –Eileen Reid  & The Cadets Mama Don't Cry At My Wedding
1-10 –Tom Dunphy & The Royal Showband* My Wild Irish Rose
1-11 –Dermot O'Brien & The Clubmen* North To Alaska
1-12 –Sean Fagan & The Pacific Showband Stand Beside Me
1-13 –Joe Dolan & The Drifters Showband Saturday night At The Movie
1-14 –Brendan O'Brien  & The Dixies In Person
1-15 –Gerry & The Ohio Among The Wicklow hills
1-16 –The Indians Apache
1-17 –Margo & The Keynotes Dear God
1-18 –Shay O'Hara & The Royal Blues Croce D'Oro
1-19 –Brendan Hutchinson & The Navak* 42 In Chicago
1-20 –Big Johnny & The Maurice Lynch Showband Biddy Reilly
2-1 –Dickie Rock & The Miami Showband Uncle Tristram's Moonship
2-2 –Brendan O'Brien  & The Dixies Dream Lover
2-3 –Pat Lynch  & The Airchords Worry
2-4 –The Capitol Showband Brahm's Lullaby
2-5 –Charlie Matthews & The Royal Showband* Both Sides Now
2-6 –Peter Cowan & The Hiltons When The Snow Is On The Roses
2-7 –Brendan*, Jimmy* & The Cadets Looking Back To See
2-8 –Tony & The Graduates Just My Baby And Me
2-9 –Kelley  & The Nevada I Love Only You
2-10 –Jack Ruane Showband* The River May
2-11 –Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners 4033
2-12 –Joe McCarthy & The Dixies One Of The Old Reserve
2-13 –Will Ahearn & The Arrivals She's About A Mover
2-14 –Ian Corrigan & The Casino In The Middle Of Nowhere
2-15 –Earl Gill  & The Hoedowners Sunset
2-16 –Pat Hanrahan  & The Nomads* Laugh Sheelin
2-17 –Dawn Knight & The Casuals tra Le La Le La Triangle
2-18 –Sonny Knowles & The Pacific Showband When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
2-19 –Tom Dunphy & The Royal Showband* Never oing Back To Nashville
2-20 –Dickie Rock & The Miami Showband One By One
3-1 –Doc Carroll & The Royal Blues There Goes My Heart Again
3-2 –Butch Moore The Incredible Miss Brown
3-3 –Murty Quinn & The Miami Showband There Goes My Everything
3-4 –Brendan O'Brien  & The Dixies Ebony Eyes
3-5 –The Capitol Showband Bould O'Donaghue
3-6 –Emmett Wynne & The Airchords Limbo Rock
3-7 –Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners Talking Love
3-8 –Gerry Black & The Finnegans An Exile's Dream
3-9 –Sean Fagan & The Pacific Showband Photograph To The wall
3-10 –Gerry & The Ohio Dark Circles
3-11 –Gregory & The Cadets Best Part Of Loving You
3-12 –Tina & The Mexicans Que Sera Sera
3-13 –Dermot O'Brien & His Clubmen* Turfman From Ardee
3-14 –Tony Walsh & The Blue Aces Love Songs Of The Waterfall
3-15 –Jimmy Day  & The Cadets Little Rose
3-16 –Don Duggan & The Savoys* Under Your Spell Again
3-17 –Margo & The Keynotes Through The Eyes Of A Child
3-18 –Shay O'Hara & The Keynotes Two Little Boys
3-19 –Brendan Bowyer & The Royal Showband* Kentucky Woman
3-20 –Seamus Shannon & The Drifters Showband Boola Boola
4-1 –Derrick & The Sounds Power Of Love
4-2 –Brendan O'Brien  & The Dixies It Was Only A Heart
4-3 –Danny Ellis & The Miami Showband Where Do Little Ladies Go
4-4 –The Times What Made Milwaukee Famous
4-5 –Sonny Knowles & The Pacific Showband Dublin Fusiliers
4-6 –The Cadets Royal Garden Blues
4-7 –Butch Moore & The Capitol Showband The Tender Years
4-8 –Brendan Bowyer & The Royal Showband* Make Me An Island
4-9 –Dene Lane & The Rhythm Stars Mary I Need You
4-10 –Johnny Flynn Showband Wandering Home
4-11 –Muriel Day & The Dave Glover Band A Petal From A Faded Rose
4-12 –Steve Lynch  & The Dixies History Repeats Itself
4-13 –Gerry Madigan & The Cotton Mill Boys Joey Moroney
4-14 –Marco Petrassi & The Ohio* Mynah Bird
4-15 –Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners Black And Tan Gun
4-16 –Eileen Reid  & The Cadets True Love
4-17 –Pat Lynch  & The Airchords Don't You Believe It
4-18 –The Greenbeats La La Song
4-19 –Fran O'Toole & The Miami Showband Loco Por Ti
4-20 –Geno Hearne & The Footappers My Girl


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