Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Girls Are At It Again - UK Beat Girls 1964-1969 (Flac + MP3)

It’s stretching a point to present actress Diana Dors (born in 1931) as a 60s beat girl but her So Little Time, at once bright and sultry, fits seemlessly into this 20-tracker. It’s all about teen heart-searching set to a bright dance beat and evoking miniskirts, exemplified by Back With You Baby (unjustly, Tracy Rogers’ last single); Bimbi Worrick’s lone single (and, one hopes, the session guitarist’s), Long Time Coming; and Miracles, an early step in Kiki Dee’s distinguished career path.

If the breezy music ends up rather trite (hear Karol Keyes’ Can’t You Hear The Music, while Fred Lloyd’s production skill can’t hide Diane Lancaster’s talent bypass on, unsurprisingly, her lone Polydor 45, How I Need Him), there is plenty of real talent here. The Caravelles are as seductive as ever on You Are Here, Claire Francis could have charted with her towering self-penned beat ballad But I Don’t Care, while future comedienne Faith Brown does a convincing impression of a soul singer as she leads The Carrolls through the meaty Ashford/Simpson song Surrender, whose lack of chart action remains a mystery.


1. Tracy Rogers - Back With You Baby (1967 Polydor BM 56197 A-side)[02:12]
2. Bimbi Worrick - Long Time Comin' (1969 Polydor BM 56322 A-side)[02:59]
3. Claire Francis - But I Don't Care (1967 Polydor BM 56142 A-side)[02:45]
4. Karol Keyes - Can't You Hear The Music (1967 Fontana TF 846 A-side)[02:13]
5. Diana Dors - So Little Time (1967 Fontana TF 506 A-side)[02:30]
6. The Carolines - Love Made A Fool Of Me (1965 Polydor 56027 A-side)[02:33]
7. Angela Deen - Gotta Hand It To The Boy (1964 Fontana TF 491 B-side)[02:07]
8. The Caravelles - You Are Here (1964 Fontana TF 466 A-side)[02:22]
9. Jenny Wren - Chasing My Dream All Over (1966 Fontana BF 672 A-side)[02:02]
10. Lesley Dawson - Run For Shelter (1967 Mercury MF 965 A-side)[02:19]
11. Linda Kendrick - When Your Love Is Warm (1966 Polydor BM 56076 B-side)[01:51]
12. Lesley Duncan - See That Guy (1965 Mercury MF 947 B-side)[02:15]
13. Diane Lancaster - How I Need Him (1966 Polydor BM 56064 A-side)[02:26]
14. Michelle - Sally Fool (1966 Polydor BM 56070 A-side) [01:47]
15. The Carrolls - Surrender Your Love (1966 Polydor BM 56081 A-side)[02:28]
16. Kiki Dee - Miracles (1964 Fontana TF 443 A-side) [02:11]
17. Tracy Rogers - Baby (1966 Polydor BM 56077 A-side) [02:31]
18. Lori Balmer - Four Faces West (1968 Polydor 56293 B-side)[01:55]
19. Danielle - I'm Gonna Marry The Boy (1966 Philips BF 1532 A-side)[02:30]
20. Pattie Lane - Paper Dreams (1968 Polydor BM 56260 A-side)[02:30]


"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"



  1. Thanks for this one. Great collection.

    And I learned, that Jenny Wren from Paul McCartneys song (from 2005) actually was a real person (song no. 9!).


  2. Fantastic compilation. Many thanks

  3. Thank you for the post. It's a very nice collection


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