Saturday, November 28, 2020

Dizzy Man's Band - Dizzy Do Tickatoo (1970) & The Show (1974)


Dizzy Man's Band was a Dutch fun pop group from Zaandam around singer Jacques Kloes.
The band debuted in 1970 with the song Tickatoo, with a recognizable melody line borrowed from Creedence Clearwater Revival (Down On The Corner). Blazer rock groups such as Blood, Sweat & Tears were also among the frames of reference, according to a song such as A Matter Of Facts.

Other songs from the group are Jumbo, Mickey Mouse, Rio, The Show and Mony the phoney. From the latter two numbers, a bilingual medley was made as an advertisement for a bank. Farce Majeure made The Show an indictment of the government ("It's only show"). In 1975 a score was made with The Opera, a number that stood out due to the Pavarotti-like intermezzos. This song is based on 'Leichte Kavallerie' by Franz von Suppé.

In 1983 the Dizzy Man's Band fell apart but later came together for the Gold of Oud concerts by Veronica. Another series of concerts came in 2009.

Original line-up: Dick Buysman, Jacques Kloes, Herman Smak, Dirk van der Horst, Klaas Versteeg, Karl Kalf, Joop Tromp, and Bob Ketzer.

 Dizzy Do Tickatoo (1970)

The Show (1974)

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