Tuesday, November 17, 2020

VA - Teen Expo : The Quill Label


In the wake of the British Invasion, America was overrun with below-the-ear-haired kids aspiring to be the next Beatles or Stones. One man, Peter Wright, found his place among the eager garage rock ‘n rollers of Chicago by turning his network into a freelance promotion, management, publishing, and production conglomerate. Formalized as his independent Quill label, Wright brought many would-be Day Tripper’s music to every Top 40 radio station program director from Michigan to Minnesota, to overwhelmingly modest effect.

01. The Prophets - Yes I Know
02. The Malibus - I'm Cryin'
03. The Commons, LTD - Roses Are Red (My Love)
04. Jimmy Watson & The Original Royals - A Heart Is Made of Many Things
06. The Night Flight - Without You
07. The Rooks - Turquoise
08. The Skunks - It's Only Love
09. The Ricochettes - Losing You
10. The Proper Strangers - One In A Million
11. The Night Flight - To Color Turn
12. The Rooks - Ice And Fire
13. The Exterminators - Declaration of Independence '65
14. The Skunks - Do the Duck
15. The Exterminators - Voo-Doo
16. Don Caron Orchestra - Hot Pastrami
17. The Delights - Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Moment
18. Ronnie Rice & The Gents - La-Do-da-Da
19. The Rooks - Free Sunday Paper
20. The Riddles - It's One Thing to Say
21. The Commons, LTD - I'm Going to Change the World
22. Chances R - I'll Have You Cryin'
23. The Exceptions - As Far As I Can See
24. The Prophets - Sad On Me


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