Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Fool "Fly" LP 1968


Psychedelic / space rock / folk rock from Holland. In the beginning, the artist duo Simon Posthuma and Marijke Koger were traveling hippies who established their work in the cities of Madrid and Ibiza, Spain. According to sources, in 1966 photographer Karl Ferris, famous for recording Jimi Hendrix, Donovan and others, discovered the duo in the midst of a hippie community in Ibiza. Then came the invitation to work in London and both agreed. They migrated from the paradisiacal Spanish city with the aim of introducing vibrant colors to the gray world of London. 

Subsequently they made handicrafts for bands such as: The Beatles, Cream, The Hollies, Procol Harum and others. Not only in their clothes but in their instruments, album covers, decoration of objects and scenery. They also released the self-titled album The Fool in 1969. Marijke Koger was a tarot reader, which explains the name for the collective. The Fool (which means O Louco in Portuguese) is the zero card of the mantic deck. The letter symbolizes the initial stage of life, a state of naive and therefore courageous completion, which follows its path without fear, distrust or fearing consequences. Everything to do with the hippie spirit.

Graham Nash, who was a member of the English pop/rock group the Hollies and the folk-rock supergroup Crosby, Stills & Nash, produced The Fool's 1968 debut album. The songs range from edgy rock driven songs like "Rainbow Man", catchy pop with trippy vocals on "No One Will Ever Know", to folk ballads and more psychedelic ventures.


A1 Fly 2:25

A2 Voice On The Wind 5:24

A3 Rainbow Man 2:20

A4 Cry For Me 3:51

A5 No One Will Ever Know 2:50

B1 Reincarnation 4:06

B2 Hello Little Sister 2:00

B3 Keep On Pushin' 6:00

B4 Inside Your Mind 2:42

B5 Lay It Down 4:50


Ty To Original Sharer

"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"



  1. Thank you for this album and not to sound ungrateful, I am really looking for their song "Where is The Day".

    1. Fools - Pop-rockband from Volendam, Netherlands. Active: 1969-1975
      Where Is The Day - https://mega.nz/file/EuITVYbA#LHE7J45nq_3MvBCVqIsfEd2kln3MZVsZF2ejKbMzP1g

    2. Awesome, thank you very much!! By any chance would you happen you have their other singles as well?

  2. Stop the presses!!! rateyourmusic.com lists this group as British not Dutch.

  3. Apologies, discogs and wikipedia both say they are Dutch. And the track that I am looking for is by another Dutch group called "The Fools".


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