Saturday, November 21, 2020

It's Happening 13 Vol's of Forgotten Treasures. + Bonus Vols 6-9


 Vol 6


A1 –Zombies* This Old Heart Of Mine

A2 –Chubby Checker Do The Boogaloo

A3 –Tommy & Cleve Boogaloo-Baby

A4 –Mongo Santamaria Louie Louie

A5 –The Chamber Brothers* Call Me

A6 –Toussaint Mc Call* I'm Gonna Make Me A Woman

A7 –The High Keys One Horse Town

B1 –Madeline Bell Beat The Clock

B2 –Roosevelt Grier In My Tenement

B3 –Clay Hammond Dance Little Girl

B4 –The Deacon's* Sock It To Me Part 2

B5 –Del Shannon Under My Thumb

B6 –The Fr'a'mus Five* I Got My Mojo Workin

B7 –Dany Logan Donne Tes Seize Ans

Vol 7


A1 –Herbie Man* Unchain My Heart

A2 –Zoot Money Get On The Right Track Baby

A3 –Peppermint Harris Wait Until It Happen To You

A4 –Trade Martin Work Song

A5 –Jimmy Witherspoon Love Me Right

A6 –Jean Dushon Feeling Good

A7 –Pearl Woods I Can`t Wait

B1 –Big Maybelle 96 Tears

B2 –Tom Jones Chills & Fever

B3 –Gates Of Eden Hey Now

B4 –Julie Driscol* Ellis Island

B5 –The Bit A Sweet* Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

B6 –Dick Wagner Little Girl

B7 –J. Unlimited* Take Me To The Pilot

Vol 8


A1 –Freddie Houston Chills & Fever

A2 –El Anthony In Love To Long

A3 –The Players (10) Get Right

A4 –Bobby Hanna Everybody Needs Love

A5 –Jastin & Karlsson* Somewhere They Can Find Me

A6 –5 Gentlemen Jete Veux

A7 –Johnny Hallyday Souvenirs, Souvenirs

B1 –Johnny Zamot You Dig

B2 –Ralph Robles Takin Over

B3 –Tommy Dotsen* Mind Reader

B4 –Hannibal* My Kinda Girl

B5 –Shirley Mathews* You Can Count On That

B6 –Lloyd Clark* Summertime

B7 –Stranger & Ken Susie

Vol 9


A1 –Ruth Brown I Want To Do More

A2 –Fluffy Hunter Walking Blues

A3 –Chuck Miller (7) Lookout Mountain

A4 –Hal Miller My Own Two Feet

A5 –Geno Washington If This Is Love

A6 –The Hifi's* I Keep Forgettin'

A7 –Remo Four* Lies

B1 –Shorty (28) Somebody Stole My Thunder

B2 –Bill Doggett Hot Fudge

B3 –Jasmin T.* Some Other Guy Now

B4 –S.J. Hawkins* Bit It

B5 –The Volcanos (2) A Ladies Man

B6 –Jackie Ross Jerk And Twine

B7 –Ty Hunter Am I Loosing You


Ty To Original Sharer (Surfadelic)

"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"



  1. Link looks to odd. Maybe unsafe. I guess I'll skip this. Thanks anyway.

    1. Maybe it would be better if you keep your paranoia to yourself? :-)_

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  3. Link looks suspicious. I'll skip as well. Would like to hear this. Thanks.

  4. Many thanks Gazz Gazeer for suppling new links for this great set of albums, is very much appreciated all time and hard work you put into this wonderful blog.....stay safe & healthy and thanks again.....Stu ( UK )

  5. Thanks Gazz. That was very nice.


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