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Go, New Year !! Go !!

Go!! Records The Complete Collection

For the first time ever – Every track recorded for the legendary Go!! Records 1965-1967
Box set heaven on 4 jam-packed CDs – 130 tracks culled from 54 singles, 6 albums, 7 EPs plus 2 rare demos
Australian Sixties pop royalty featuring Bobby & Laurie, M.P.D. Limited, The Cherokees, The Rondells, Betty McQuade, Yvonne Barrett, The Henchmen, Billy Adams, The Strangers
Hear all the big hits! ‘I Belong with You’, ‘Little Boy Sad’, ‘Rockin’ Robin’, ‘Slow Down Sandy’, ‘Midnight Bus’, ‘Minnie the Moocher’ and MORE!!
What’s that hoary old cliché? “If you can remember the Sixties you weren’t there!” Well forget that because this is a dream come true for every Sixties kid who can remember growing up loving Australian pop music. Aztec Records have excelled with The Go!! Records Complete Collection: I’ve Gone Wild!!, a superlative box set for fans and collectors of Sixties Australian pop.
The Go!! Records Complete Collection presents a massive 130 tracks on four jam-packed CDs – bringing together, for the first time, every track recorded for the legendary and collectable Go!! Records 1965-1967. Go!! Records was one of the original, truly independent Australian record companies, set up by the producers of the TV pop programme The Go!! Show in order to sign and promote releases by local artists who appeared on the show. There was a core group of acts that appeared on a regular basis, with the show also featuring many other major local pop stars of the day.
The Go!! label ran as a separate entity, from March 1965 to May 1967, issuing an impressive run of 54 singles, seven EPs and six LPs. The records covered everything from frantic beat pop and chiming classic pop to tough garage rock and jug band music. Many of the singles were hits which helped establish a number of significant acts... and what hits they were! ‘I Belong with You’, ‘Someone’ and ‘Judy Green’ by Bobby and Laurie, ‘Talkin’ ’Bout You’ by The Rondells, ‘Rockin’ Robin’ by The Henchmen, ‘It’s You’ by Terry Dean, ‘Slow Down Sandy’ by Billy Adams, ‘I’ve Been Trying’, ‘The Angels Listened In’, ‘Oh, Monah’ and ‘Minnie the Moocher’ by The Cherokees, ‘Little Boy Sad’, ‘Lonely Boy’ and ‘Remember (Walkin’ in the Sand)’ by M.P.D. Limited, ‘Midnight Bus’ by Betty McQuade, ‘Little People’ by Yvonne Barrett... they’re all here and more!!
If you want proof that Go!! Records was at the forefront of currents trends of the day, it’s worth noting that the dynamic duo of Bobby and Laurie captured the spirit of the Australian beat pop scene of the Sixties in all its foot-stomping, hand-clapping, mane-shaking, fun-loving glory, matching the likes of The Easybeats, Normie Rowe and Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs every step of the way. The Go!! Records Complete Collection is also a pertinent reminder that this is where Mike ‘Up There Cazaly’ Brady got his start, as a member of M.P.D. Limited.
It’s also been the more obscure records and bands on Go!! Records that have continued to keep interest in the label at a premium. Try ‘Rachael’ by 18th Century Quartet, ‘Take Me for a Little While’ by The Deakins, ‘Is this a Dream’ by The Chosen Few, ‘Without You’ by The Other Ends, ‘Love Me Girl’ by The Clique, ‘I Only Want to Be with You’ by Young Once and ‘Hey, Hey, Hey’ by The Bobby James Syndicate. As
an added bonus there are two previously unreleased demo tracks by Justin Anthony and the Impacts.
In recent years the Go!! brand has re-emerged with a successful series of Go!! Show Gold reunion concerts around the country. Now as if to bring things full circle Aztec Records have compiled the entire Go!! Records output for the massive The Go!! Records Complete Collection box set. Audio engineer extraordinaire Gil Matthews has remastered the entire collection – a whopping 130 tracks! – so sonically the music has taken on new life. All of which means that the fans can relive golden memories and enjoy the music with fresh purpose. It’s not all nostalgia because new listeners will immediately understand that music of this quality will never go out of style


01 I Belong With You Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
02 Trouble In Mind Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
03 Rockin' Robin The Henchmen
04 Baby What's Wrong The Henchmen
05 Someone (Ain't Right) Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
06 You Are Gone Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
07 It's You Terry Dean
08 Stagger Lee Terry Dean
09 Talkin' 'bout You The Rondells
10 Baby, Don't Hide The Rondells
11 Can't You Hear Me Callin' The Henchmen
12 Easy Money The Henchmen
13 Slow Down Sandy Billy Adams
14 Alone Billy Adams
15 Funny Man Bobby Cookson
16 That Lucky Old Sun Bobby Cookson
17 I've Been Trying The Cherokees
18 Only If You Care The Cherokees
19 Little Boy Sad MPD Limited
20 Wendy, Don't Go MPD Limited
21 Judy Green Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
22 Mojo Queen Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
23 She'll Never Know The Rondells
24 I'll Be Gone The Rondells
25 Midnight Bus Betty Mcquade
26 Tongue Tied Betty Mcquade
27 Lonely Boy MPD Limited
28 The Wild Side Of Life MPD Limited
29 Little People Yvonne Barrett
30 You're The One Yvonne Barrett
31 That's If You Want Me To The Cherokees
32 Stop This Misery The Cherokees
33 I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself Billy Adams
34 Shirley Lee Billy Adams


01 Crazy Country Hop Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
02 It Ain't Fair Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
03 On My Mind Tony And The Shantels
04 He Tony And The Shantels
05 (Remember) Walkin' In The Sand MPD Limited
06 If You Were Mine MPD Limited
07 Here I Go Peter Briggs And The Vikings
08 Skinny Minnie Peter Briggs And The Vikings
09 The Angels Listened In The Cherokees
10 Shame On You, Baby The Cherokees
11 The Answer To Everything Terry Dean
12 Git It Terry Dean
13 Blue Train Betty Mcquade
14 Summer Love Betty Mcquade
15 Lookin' For Love Billy Adams
16 All Time Loser Billy Adams
17 Someone Cares For Me The Field Twins
18 Temptation The Field Twins
19 No Regrets MPD Limited
20 I Won't Be Back MPD Limited
21 A Woman With Soul The Cherokees
22 I'll Give You Love The Cherokees
23 From The Shadows To The Sun Joy Lemmon
24 Every Day I Have To Cry Joy Lemmon
25 Bring It On Home Peter Briggs And The Vikings
26 Some Other Guy Peter Briggs And The Vikings
27 Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder MPD Limited
28 I Am What I Am MPD Limited
29 Send Her Away Yvonne Barrett
30 Won't Someone Say Yvonne Barrett
31 Tonight You're Gonna Fall In Love With Me The Deakins
32 I'll Make You Mine The Deakins


01 The Thought Of You The Cherokees
02 Little Lover The Cherokees
03 Dancing In Your Eyes Billy Adams
04 Come Dance With Me Billy Adams
05 Rachael 18Th Century Quartet
06 Distant Relative 18Th Century Quartet
07 Prettiest Girl In Town Laurie Angelo
08 Find Someone Else Laurie Angelo
09 Near Me The Rhythm Rockets
10 On Whom Her Favour Falls The Rhythm Rockets
11 Whenever A Teenager Cries Joy Lemmon
12 Be My Baby Joy Lemmon
13 Don't Bother Calling Yvonne Barrett
14 I'm Taking Him Back Yvonne Barrett
15 Take Me For A Little While The Deakins
16 Look And Learn The Deakins
17 Change Your Mind Billy Adams
18 I Fall To You Billy Adams
19 Am I A Lover 18Th Century Quartet
20 Drawing Room 18Th Century Quartet
21 Is This A Dream The Chosen Few
22 Let Me Down Easy The Chosen Few
23 Oh, Monah The Cherokees
24 Ain't Gonna Cry No More The Cherokees
25 Without You The Other Ends
26 Come On, Baby The Other Ends
27 Love Me Girl The Clique
28 Stop, Look And Listen The Clique
29 I Only Want To Be With You Young Once
30 For No One Young Once
31 Paper Doll MPD Limited
32 You Might As Well Forget Him MPD Limited
33 Just Wait And See The Rhythm Rockets
34 Summer Has Gone The Rhythm Rockets


01 Minnie The Moocher The Cherokees
02 I've Gone Wild The Cherokees
03 Western Union The Strangers
04 Cool Jerk The Strangers
05 Magic Guitar Young Once
06 Before I Go Young Once
07 Hey, Hey, Hey The Bobby James Syndicate
08 Short Sam The Bobby James Syndicate
09 What'cha Gonna Do The Rondells
10 Carol Ann The Rondells
11 I Can Tell The Cherokees
12 Just Can't Cry Anymore The Cherokees
13 Lonesome Traveller MPD Limited
14 Her Favourite Song MPD Limited
15 It's Been A Long Time Coming MPD Limited
16 I Have No Place To Go MPD Limited
17 The Glory Of Love Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
18 Hold Me Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
19 Goodnight Irene Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
20 I'm Not A Bad Guy Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
21 Lucky Me Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
22 She Don't Know Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
23 Riding Hood Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
24 I Won't Be Back Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
25 Give All Your Lovin' To Me Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
26 Strange Rain Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
27 You Got It Off Me Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
28 I'll Come Running To You Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright
29 Shirley Lee Justin Anthony And The Impacts
30 Who's Been Foolin' You Justin Anthony And The Impacts



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  5. I'm very impressed on how solid this collection is. Just more proof (as if it were needed) how Aussie rock 'n roll in the mid sixties could hold it's own with the UK & US.

  6. Bobby and Laurie - Jump Back LP 1984


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