Sunday, December 27, 2020

UK Teen Sound Rarities



1 –Marty Wilde When Does It Get To Be Love

2 –Jimmy Crawford (5) There'll Be No Goodbyes

3 –Jimmy Lloyd Hummingbird

4 –Tony Sheveton A Lonely Heart

5 –Tony Allen (10) There Is Always A First Time

6 –Scott Hamilton (3) I Wonder

7 –Lance Fortune All On My Own

8 –Jan Burnnette The Boy I Used To Know

9 –Grant Tracy The Great Matchmaker

10 –Little Lenny Davis Gonna Back To Jenny

11 –Marty Wilde Don't Run Away

12 –Ricky Stevens Forever

13 –Danny Williams The Wild Wind

14 –Jimmy Crawford (5) Don't Worry About Bobby

15 –Danny Davis (9) Lullabye Of Love

16 –David Martin (44) Cinderella Romeo

17 –Steve Cassidy (2) Ecstasy

18 –Lynda Graham Wait And See

19 –Tim Connor Without A Shoulder To Cry On

20 –The Allisons I'll Cross My Fingers

21 –Al Saxon Piper Of Love

22 –Josh Hanna Love Me

23 –Tony & Velvets* Sunday

24 –Perry Ford Little Grown Up

25 –Roy Tierney Casanova

26 –Lesley Duncan Moving Away

27 –Garry Mills Who's Gonna Take You Home

28 –The Avons Tonight I Cannot Sleep

29 –Nelson Keene Ocean Of Love

30 –Tony Sheveton Foolish Doubts

31 –Roy Young Late Last Evening

32 –Beryl Marsden Gonna Make Him My Baby

33 –Brian Weske 24 Hours A Day

34 –Frankie Townsend (2) I'm The Greatest


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