Thursday, December 17, 2020

My Xmas Gift To You Guys



01. Why Should Christmas Be So Hard? — Attic Lights

02. Holding Hands Around the World — Guille Milkyway And The Jelly Jamm Sound Orchestra

03. Christmas Lights — The Magic Theatre

04. La Luz Del Mundo — Single

05. El Viaje Mágico De Santa Claus — Modular

06. X-mas Song — Edine Avec Lisle Mitnik Et Son Orchestre

07. I Just Wanna Hold Your Hand (On Christmas Day) — The Yearning

08. Let Me Be the Fairy On Your Christmas Tree Tonight — The School

09. Los Anillos De Alcyone (21-12-2012) — La Casa Azul

10. You Trashed My Christmas — The Primitives

11. Te Espero En Navidad — Axolotes Mexicanos

12. Bells to Ring and Jingle — YouDoMeToo

13. Donde Todo Sigue Igual — Band A Part

14. You're Coming Home Tonight — The School

15. Let's Make Christmas Love — BMX Bandits

16. Su Ventom Kaledom — Fitness Forever

Enjoy And Happy Xmas

Merry Christmas In Different Languages

French: Joyeux Noël

German: Frohe Weinachten

Spanish: Feliz Navidad

Italian: Buon Natale

Portuguese: Feliz Natal

Dutch: Vrolijk kerstfeest

Romanian: Crăciun fericit

Polish: Wesołych świąt Bożego Narodzenia

Swedish: God Jul

Czech: Veselé Vánoce

Ukranian 'Веселого Різдва' Veseloho Rizdva (Merry Christmas) or 'Христос Рождається' Khrystos Rozhdayetsia (Christ is Born)

Russian s rah-zh-dee-st-VOHM (C рождеством!) or

s-schah-st-lee-vah-vah rah-zh dee-st-vah (Счастливого рождества!)

New Zealand (Maori) Meri Kirihimete

Japanese Meri Kurisumasu (or 'Meri Kuri' for short!)

Israel - Hebrew Chag Molad Sameach (חג מולד שמח)

meaning 'Happy festival of the Birth'


Bengali (also spoken in Bangladesh)

shubho bôṛodin (শুভ বড়দিন)

Hawaiian Mele Kalikimaka


Juullimi Pilluarit

  Danish (also used in Greenland) Glædelig Jul



Vrolijk Kerstfeest

  French Joyeux Noël

  German Frohe Weihnachten

  Walloon djoyeus Noyé

Arabic Eid Milad Majid (عيد ميلاد مجيد)

Which means 'Glorious Birth Feast'

Afrikaans (South Africa, Namibia)

Geseënde Kersfees



"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"



  1. Wishing you (In Dutch) Vrolijk Kerstfeest!

  2. Joyeux Noël and thanks for your blog !!!!
    It's too long to wait the 1st january, so i prefer to wish you today a good health for the end of 2020 and a good health for 2021 !


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