Sunday, December 27, 2020

The Nashville Teens - Best of (1964-1969)

Nashville Teens-Best - Front1

The Nashville Teens were one of a brace of British acts competing for attention in the booming days of the early British Invasion and its early purely English phenomenon, the British beat boom. They were distinguished from most of the others by scoring a memorable and serious hit, "Tobacco Road." This put them on the map internationally (even getting them into an American jukebox movie, Beach Ball, that also featured the Supremes) before they gradually faded away in popularity. The sextet first got together in Weybridge, Surrey, in 1962 with Art Sharp and Ray Phillips on vocals, John Hawken on piano, Pete Shannon on bass, Michael Dunford on guitar, and Roger Groom... Read More...




  2. Thanks for this one !
    By the way, do you or Jancy have the recordings of the Nashville Teens backing Carl Perkins ?
    I would love to hear them after 20 years...

  3. yes, what a great post! love to see this compilation here...
    unfortunately i dont know about their recordings with carl perkins either, but if you find them let me know!

    keep a rockin,

  4. Hi. Love the site! I don't suppose a re-up of Nashiville Teens best of is possible? Love to hear this. Many thanks!

  5. You never let us down. Thanks so much for all your fab music and your work in posting them here on this great site! Best wishes and let's hope the world is a better place in 2021. Paul

  6. Thank you so much!!! Happy and healthy New Year to you!

  7. A very underrated group. Thank you.


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