Sunday, December 27, 2020

VA Did You Know That These Stars Also Sang?


Disc: 1

  01. Orchestra Intro / O-He-O-Hi-O-Ho (Robert Mitchum)

  02. Just Like Me / Summer Song / Tall Dark Stranger (Robert Mitchum)

  03. Foolish Pride / Rachel (Robert Mitchum)

  04. Tallahassee (Alan Ladd)

  05. Shanghai Lil (James Cagney)

  06. Honolulu (Gracie Allen)

  07. Pete The Piper (Paulette Goddard)

  08. When Johnny Toots His Horn (James Stewart)

  09. Temporarily (Jack Lemmon)

  10. Put Tin' On The Ritz (Clark Gable)

  11. How Am I To Know? (Ava Gardner)

  12. Bill (Ava Gardner)

  13. That's What You Jolly Well Get (Errol Flynn)

  14. Never Again (Frank Morgan)

  15. And The Moon Grew Brighter And Brighter (Kirk Douglas)

  16. Love Isn't Born (Ann Sheridan)

  17. I Hum A Waltz (Barbara Stanwyck)

  18. I'm An Animal Trainer (Charlie Chaplin)

  19. The Sardine Song (Charlie Chaplin)

  20. I Should Care (Jeff Chandler)

  21. Always And Always (Joan Crawford)

  22. Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Love (Claudette Colbert)

  23. Did I Remember? (Cary Grant)

  24. Old-Fashioned Garden (Cary Grant)

  25. You're The Top (Cary Grant)

  26. Snug As A Bug In A Rug (Gracie Allen)

Disc: 2

  01. Fill It Up (Barbara Stanwyck)

  02. I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside (Basil Rathbone)

  03. The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo (Frank Morgan)

  04. Lie To Me (Shelley Winters)

  05. How Little We Know (Lauren Bacall)

  06. I Don't Know Why, I Just Do (Lauren Bacall)

  07. The Bold Fisherman (Humphrey Bogart)

  08. I've Got Sixpence (Ida Lupino And Ronald Colman)

  09. Luck Be A Lady (Marlon Brando)

  10. A Woman In Love (Marlon Brando)

  11. If I Were A Bell (Jean Simmons)

  12. Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry (Jean Simmons)

  13. Lily Of Laguna (Errol Flynn)

  14. Hey Babe Hey (James Stewart)

  15. Easy To Love (James Stewart)

  16. Take It Off The E String (Barbara Stanwyck)

  17. Would You Like A Souvenir (Ann Sheridan)

  18. Mankind Should Be My Business (Basil Rathbone)

  19. Marrying For Love (George Sanders)

  20. You're Just In Love / Something To Dance About (George Sanders)

  21. Sea Shanty (Paulette Goddard)

  22. I'll Cry Tomorrow (Susan Hayward)

  23. Your Words And My Music / Oh Lady Be Good (Robert Young)

  24. I Won't Dance (Van Johnson)

  25. Who Wants Love? (Joan Crawford)

  26. My Heart's Wrapped Up In Gingham (Fred MacMurray)

  27. The Two Of Us (Tony Curtis)

  28. In Waikiki (Ann Sheridan)

  29. They're Either Too Young Or Too Old (Bette Davis)


"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"



  1. What a find! Thanks for sharing, especially since we've been watching some fine old movies during the shut-in.

  2. Wonderful Gift I`m amazed; Thank you # Happy New Year 2021.

  3. I knew some of them sang but not that many. Thank you for sharing.


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