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The Strangers (Australia) - Best of The Strangers

Original lineup, 1961-64:
Laurie Arthur (lead guitar, vocals)
Peter Robinson (bass, vocals)
Graeme (Garth) Thompson (drums)
Fred Weiland (rhythm guitar, vocals)

Second lineup, 1964-1970 John Farrar (guitar, vocals)
Terry Walker (lead vocals) 1967-70
Peter Robinson (bass, vocals)
Graeme (Garth) Thompson (drums)
Fred Weiland (guitar, vocals)

The New Strangers 1970-73
Peter Robinson (bass, vocals)
Graeme (Garth) Thompson (drums)
Bill Pyman (guitar)
John Cosgrove (guitar) (1970-73)
Jim Sifonious (guitar) Mar. 1973-1975

The Strangers was a Melbourne based Australian band that existed from 1961 to 1975. The band started out playing instrumental songs in a style similar to The Shadows with influences from Cliff Richard. The original lineup included Peter Robinson (bass), Graeme ('Garth') Thompson (drums), Laurie Arthur (lead guitar) and Fred Weiland (rhythm guitar). Robinson had previously played with The Thunderbirds, and went on to replace Athol Guy in The Seekers from the late 70s.

In 1966 The Strangers became the resident backing band on the Melbourne based teenage television pop show The Go!! Show in which they appeared each week from 1964 to 1967. After The Go!! Show ended, they became the resident vocal group on HSV-7's Sunnyside Up program. In all, the band appeared on television at least once a week for nine years straight.
At the end of 1962 they signed with Ron Tudor's W&G Records after working as studio band for artists including The Seekers, Frankie Davidson, and Johnny Chester.
In 1964 they supported Colin Cook and released an LP called Colin Cook and the Strangers. Charting songs in the Stranger's own name included their first single Cry of the Wild Goose (an instrumental by Terry Gilkyson) / Leavin' Town which was released in January 1963 and reached number 12 on the Melbourne charts. This was followed by three original instrumentals in Torlido / The Outcast and Undertow, which were released in 1963, and two of which reached the Top 40. Other singles included Happy Without You (Kenny Laguna, Shelley Pinz. 1968), Melanie Makes Me Smile (Tony Macaulay, Barry Mason. 1970), Looking Through The Eyes of a Beautiful Girl (1970), If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody (Rudy Clark, 1965) and Western Union (Mike Rabon, Norman Ezell, John Durrill. 1967).
During the mid-1960s, the band changed labels from W&G Records to Go Records and then to Philips and finally in 1970 onto Fable.
Arthur left the band in early 1964, and was replaced on lead guitar by John Farrar who later married Pat Carroll. Carroll and Olivia Newton-John appeared on The Go!! Show as singers. Farrar later joined British post-Shadows group Marvin, Welch & Farrar and then the re-formed Shadows.
Also in 1964, the band supported Roy Orbison and Paul and Paula on an Australian tour which featured The Surfaris and The Beach Boys. These support gigs influenced some early vocal recordings in Poppa Oom Mow Mow, Sunday Kind of Love, If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody and later In My Room, a Beach Boys ballad.

In February 1967 Terry Walker replaced Fred Weiland, who left to join The Mixtures.
Later singles included Mr President (Trevor 'Dozy' Davies, John 'Beaky' Dymond, Ian 'Tich' Amey. 1970).

Throughout the band's 14 years, The Strangers underwent numerous membership changes and provided backing for many local and overseas acts. These included: Johnny Farnham, Russell Morris, Johnny Young, Neil Sedaka, Johnny O'Keefe, The Seekers, Merv Benton, Ted Mulry, Lynne Randell, Ross D. Wylie, Yvonne Barrett, Grantley Dee, Pat Carroll, Little Gulliver, Barry Crocker, Buddy England, Ronnie Burns, Town Criers, Masters Apprentices, Axiom, Hans Poulson, Lionel Rose.


01 - Happy Without You

02 - Take the Time

03 - Lady Scorpio

04 - California Soul

05 - Sweet September

06 - Paper Cup

07 - Will You Love Me Tomorrow

08 - Elenore

09 - I Can Hear Music

10 - I Say a Little Prayer

11 - Paperback Writer

12 - Bend Me, Shape Me

13 - Melanie Makes Me Smile

14 - If You Think You're Groovy

15 - Mr President

16 - Looking Through the Eyes of a Beautiful Girl

17 - Sweet Water

18 - Tennessee

19 - Windows of Your Eyes

20 - Little St. Nick

21 - Standing in the Shadows of Love

22 - I've Got You Under My Skin

23 - Proud Mary

24 - Sandy

25 - Do It Again

26 - Good Vibrations
01 - Your Mother Should Know

02 - Carpet Man

03 - Jennifer Eccles

04 - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

05 - If You Think You're Groovy

05 - If You Think You're Groovy #

06 - Bottle Of Wine

07 - If You Gotta To Make A Fool Of Somebody

08 - The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp

09 - Paper Cup

10 - California Girls

11 - This Guy's In Love With You

12 - Lady Madonna

13 - Bend Me, Shape Me

14 - Kentucky Woman

15 - Rice Is Nice

16 - Cool Jerk

17 - Long Tall Texan

18 - Summertime Blues

19 - Bonnie & Clyde

20 - Simon Says

21 - I Was Made To Love Her

22 - Respect

23 - Do What You Gotta Do

24 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You



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