Monday, March 23, 2020

The Ceyleib People - Tanyet (1968)

The Ceyleib People - Tanyet (Polydor international 623 262)

Psychedelic concept group from Los Angeles, California, USA, made one album in 1968, with Mike Deasy (Lybuk Hyd), Jim Gordon and Ry Cooder. 

Mother of all things. Natural essence of love 
and beauty. Captured in the meadows through
the trees of life's forest, like a ray of sunlight, 
giving life to the inner breath of all creatures,

... the land where men walked with gods, seeking knowledge, discovering the
earth. The people enjoyed the earth's bounty. A vast garden filled with sylphids, 
their dance creating love for all to live within. Rich dark forests where all animals
lived in harmony. Where satyr's flutes and lutes lure the mind to pleasures as yet
unspoken of in modern times.
Driven out of existence by man's inability to accept love without hate,
peace without war, 
his unwillingness to communicate rather than control the elements which surround
and make up his existence. But mainly his unwillingness to accept both life and 
death on equal terms as part of his existence - and so perished this beautiful land.
Yet, not to be forgotten, its legends and myths. 
Welcome to the land of THE CEYLEIB PEOPLE.

Jancy said 


  1. Thanks very much. Interesting album.

  2. WOW! RY COODER is one of my favorite guitarists. Played on the soundtrack to Performance with Mick Jagger. Great movie. Had Merry Clayton singing on it too. I can't wait to hear this. Thank you. My Email:


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