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A Fistfull of Fuzz + For A Few Fuzz Guitars More Vol 1+ Vol 2 (Flac + MP3)

Vol 1

Track 1 band name was made up by the guys behind this cd as it's originally an uncredited acetate.

The first of a two volume series, this is a truly remarkable compilation. At a time when most comps are including 
duplications of previously comp'ed mat'l in ever increasing numbers, along comes DMT with an amazingly good 
collection of mat'l so totally obscure, it left even top tier collectors scratching their heads! Seldom does a collection 
appear wherein so many of the tracks are of such a high calibre. Truly superlative, 
and essential for any psych collection. Unfortunately, due to distributor problems (like them going out of business), 
this didn't get much exposure, but is probably still available directly from the label.   (tymeshifter)


1 –John Doe & The Acetates Purple Haze 2:59
2 –The Sound Apparatus Travel Agent Man 3:07
3 –The Ruins (2) She Doesn't Understand 2:05
4 –The Prodigal Reality 2:06
5 –The Journey Back Synthetic People 2:42
6 –Sounds Synonymous Tensions 3:17
7 –Pretty (6) The Electric Hand 4:07
8 –The Aliens (5) Season Of The Witch 3:34
9 –The Ritual (2) Speed Freak 3:17
10 –The In-Keepers (2) That Was Just His Thing 3:33
11 –Loos Foos & The Fiberglass Cornflake Bless Me Father     2:51      Leader, Songwriter – Ron Sousa*
12 –Flying Circus (4) You Really Got Me 3:15
13 –The Denims White Ship 2:43
14 –Don Malena & The Dry Ice Land Of Summertime 3:35
15 –Thackeray Rocke Bawling 3:08
16 –Tapestry Garden She Needs Love 2:15
17 –The Green Slime* The Green Slime 2:17
18 –Peabody Company* Tobacco Road 7:09


"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"

Ty To Otiginal Sharer

Vol 2

For a Few Fuzz Guitars More is the sequel to A Fistful of Fuzz and like the first volume, features plenty of fuzz guitar. The feel of this collection is garagier (if that's a word) than A Fistful of Fuzz, but both volumes draw primarily from the late 1960s. The sound quality of For a Few Fuzz Guitars More is not as good as the first volume, as surface noise is more apparent on these recordings, but the tracks themselves are rawer late-1960s garage-psychedelia and the tone of much of the material on this CD is darker than on the first volume in the series. The opening tracks, "Doomsday" by the Purple Sun and "Last Day on Earth" by the Velvet Haze, set an apocalyptic tone for For a Few Fuzz Guitars More. This collection also contains a number of anti-war records—"Lottery" by Rochelle Rosenthal & the Kickball Queen and "Where Are We Now" by the Dystraction. For a Few Guitars More has its share of hippie drug songs—"Walls of My Mind" by the Ritual and "Ma-mari-huana" by the Sub. One disappointing thing about For a Few Fuzz Guitars More is the lack of liner notes. Where A Fistful of Fuzz had notes about every track, the only information given about the recordings included here are pictures of the labels of the original 45s. Despite the lack of liner notes and the less-than-perfect audio quality, this is a good collection and most of the tracks that are unique to this compilation.


1 –The Purple Sun Doomsday
Written By – White - Ray
2 –Velvet Haze Last Day On Earth
Written-By – Martinez*, Mullins*
3 –The Golden Grass* Elastic Soldier
Written By – S. Holloway
4 –Bare Facts Toy Soldier
Producer – Bare Facts
Written-By – Charles Souza (2)
5 –The Ritual (2) Walls Of My Mind
Producer – Baba*
Written-By – Skolnik*
6 –Sherman Marshall (2) Purple Haze
Arranged By, Producer – Vincent Bartold
Written-By – Jimi Hendrix
7 –Smith Vinson Hallucinations 2:19
8 –Rochelle Rosenthal & The Kickball Queen Lottery
Producer, Written-By – Andy Golden (2)
9 –Goodly Rubenson Inside Outside
Producer – Ray Lantz
Written-By – Gaulin*
10 –The Living End (2) Sheep
Producer – Sansone*, Roban*
Written-By – C. Purpura*, M. Scott*
11 –Super Band (2) Fast-Master
Written-By – Mike Duggin, Ray Barnett (2)
12 –The Peacepipe* The Sun Won't Shine Forever
Producer – J. Uzonyi*
Written-By – Jonathan Uzonyi*
13 –The Dystraction Where Are We Now
Written-By – Hanna*
14 –The Fowl You Know
Written-By – Ken Marotta
15 –White Lightnin' (2) Leaves
Arranged By – White Lightnin' (2)
Producer – Norman Petty
Written-By – Ron Ellis (4)
16 –The Twiggs Moon Maiden
Producer – Rich Sargeant
Written-By – Federico*, Skadan*, Kapsar*, Vastola*, Gentile*
17 –The Attack* School Daze
Producer – Franz Booth
Written-By – Strasz*
18 –Sounds Synonymous Babylon
Written By – W. Peterson
19 –The Sub Ma-Mari-Huana
Written-By – J. Vester*, K. Käthel*, P. Stimmel*
20 –The Outrage (3) The Letter 4:38


Ty To Original Sharer

"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"


  1. Hi, thanks for your excellent blog. For your information the second volume is not For A few Fuzz Guitars More but for another album with a similar title called for A Few Guitars More. It has 17 tracks and it's a compilation of more recent bands such as the Bambi Molesters. I have an mp3 version of this album and the tracks are completely different. The tracks on my MP3 version match the track list you posted for "For A Few Fuzz Guitars More".

  2. Большое спасибо!

  3. many thanks .....and a quick thank you for your time and effort that you put into this wonderful music page....it is very much appreciated.

  4. A really great Job You are doing with your Blog .Like Terry A mentioned IT would be great to give us the for a few fuzz guitars more comp also. Thanks so much !

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