Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Merrell & The Exiles - Wild In The Desert (1964-66)

Formed in Lancaster, California, USA, in 1963, Merrell And The Exiles were formed by Merrell Fankhauser (vocals/guitar), Mark Thompson (guitar), Larry Willey (bass) and Randy Wymer (drums). Their first two singles, ‘Send Me Your Love’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Girl’, echoed the folk rock style of the Searchers. Jeff Cotton (guitar), John Day (organ) and John French (drums) took over from the rest of the band and supported Fankhauser on ‘Sorry For Yourself’ (1965), which won the dance contest on Dick Clark’s television programme American Bandstand. ‘Can’t We Get Along’ (1966) was the Exiles’ last single. Fankhauser then recorded a handful of tracks with various musicians which, when compiled with several Exiles’ masters, were released without his consent as Fapardokly. He then formed a new group, Merrell Fankhauser And HMS Bounty with another refugee from the Impacts, Bill Dodd. Of the other former Exiles, both Wymer and Willey joined in Mu, while John French and Jeff Cotton achieved fame as members of Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band.

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