Sunday, April 08, 2018

The Beatles at The Star-Club (Purple Chick) 2 CD

This is a real gift from Jancy...

" This release clears up a lot of speculation about the Beatles’ Star Club tapes, thanks to an unedited and unprocessed source tape (for which we cannot thank DarthDisc and the Darthelves enough). Although the recording dates are still guesses, we now know the correct order for about 2/3 of the songs. Even so, the second half of disc one is sequenced based more on smooth transitions than solid setlist information.

We tried to make sure every Star Club sound was accounted for, but not repeated: auditioning many “Live At The Star Club” CDs and LPS on a number of labels. Even so, we used Darthdisc’s unprocessed tape wherever possible. As well as offering upgrades and previously unheard chat “Red Hot,” though still incomplete, is twice as long as before. “Red Sails…” now has an extra verse compared with the released version, while “I Saw Her Standing There” on disc two has an extra guitar solo. Conversely, we removed looped portions of “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down…”, “Twist And Shout” and “I Remember You.”

It’s by no means perfect, but it’s the best we have at the moment. And it’s the first time we’ve listened to the Star Club tapes in years. Hopefully you’ll gain a new appreciation for these historic recordings as well.

All tracks mono, at the correct speed, and eq’d for the most coherent listening experience. Enjoy! "

More information in the archive itself...

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