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Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Outer Limits (1963)

Jerry Cole was a first-call session guitarist in the 1960s who played on a number of Phil Spector's epochal sides and led the pit bands for the rock & roll-oriented TV shows Shindig and Hullabaloo. When he wasn't busy with all that, he cut a number of instrumental rock albums under a variety of assumed names, but Outer Limits features Cole and his band working under his own shingle for a change. Outer Limits is a no-fuss collection of 11 surf-influenced tunes, many of them covers of popular hits of the day, and while Cole's style couldn't be called "revolutionary," there's a lot more muscle in the performances of "Pipeline" and "Wipeout" than on the originals. Cole's discreet use of fuzz and the full-bodied tone he could conjure from his gear give his performances a sound that stands out from others of his ilk, and his originals are strong if basic stuff. If this isn't exactly the Holy Grail for surf fans (and the more passionate might want to spring for Power Surf!: The Best of Jerry Cole & His Spacemen), Outer Limits is still good fun, and anyone who digs classic surf and instrumental sides will get hip to this.

Джери Коул(Jerry Cole)был истинным гением и одним из тех кого заслуженная слава обошла стороной. Джерри Коул умел играть и в стиле сёрф, и кантри, и Go-Go,- он был разнообразным музыкантомю И действительно,если кто-то заслуживает того,чтобы быть замеченным,это было Джерри Коул. Он был одним из самых популярных сессионных музыкантов в Лос-Анжелесе которые работали с крупнейшими именами в те времена,такими как Beach Boys, The Byrds, Фил Спектор(Phil Spector) с Гленом Кэмпбеллом в The Champs с их вечным легендарном теперь хитом,Текила(Tequila). В шестидесятые годы он записал под множеством лейблами и даже с несколькими группами на Shindig и Hullabaloo. Он занимался кантри-музыкой в 70-х и работал с Роджером Миллером(Roger Miller) и был введен в Rockabilly Зал славы в 2004 году. Джерри умер в своем доме Калифорнии в возрасте 68 лет.

01. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Outer Limits
02. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - The Strut
03. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Wipe Out
04. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Colour Blues
05. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Pipeline
06. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Sukiyaki
07. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Midnight Surfer
08. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Pokey
09. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
10. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Point Panic
11. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Tequila
12. Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - Surf Age

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