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The Sorrows - Old Songs, New Songs

The first-ever official reissue of this legendary Italian-only late Sixties album! British freakbeat/garage R&B giants the Sorrows relocated to Italy in 1966, recording the album Old Songs New Songs a couple of years later for a small independent label based in Milan. Now extremely rare as an original pressing, this new, band-approved reissue features the album in sparkling sound quality and adds an extra 100 minutes of music, nearly all of which is previously unreleased. Among the highlights are the magnificent heavy psychedelia of the band's aborted early 1968 Pye single 'Which Way'/'My Way Of Thinking', the theme song to the cult Italian spy caper Ypotron, a couple of movie collaborations with soundtrack maestro Ennio Morricone, and even an entire late 1968 demo album that, following the departure of two group members, was eventually scrapped and replaced by Old Songs New Songs! Completed by a previously unheard live gig from 1980 that proved the Sorrows' savage garage band instincts were fully intact a decade later, this package features new, extremely detailed sleevenotes concerning their time in Italy, with fresh band quotes and some superb, previously unpublished photos. This incredible 2CD package is the final word on the band's lengthy but previously little-documented Italian sojourn!

"This is the final word on the Sorrows, dating from their later Italian period. Disc one is the real keeper here, coupling the rare Cream/Hendrix inspired '69 LP Old Songs New Songs in great sound with the addition of nine rare and unreleased tracks from the same period. The spy film theme 'Ypotron' is a freakbeat jewel and 'Which Way' and 'My Way Of Thinking' from a '68 acetate are sublime psych gems, up there with the greatest of the genre. Disc two is not essential but adds interest as wider documentation. There's a nine track demo album, featuring some great band originals and alternate takes as well as rather less thrilling extemporisations of Bee Gees, Animals, Beatles and Traffic songs. A 1980 live reunion reflects the band's mid-60s stage repertoire but other than spirited renditions of 'Let Me In' and 'Take A Heart', this is mainly a rock 'n' roll revival show. The booklet and David Wells' liners are immaculate and make clear sense of the convoluted story of this undervalued band." (Shindig!)

"To most 60s pop fans, the Sorrows are known as one-hit wonders with a rough sound and a surly attitude, featuring the soon-solo talents of Don Fardon - himself a one-hit wonder with 'Indian Reservation', but perhaps best known for being six foot, seven-and-a-half inches tall. And that's it. Long after Fardon split, however, some of the band grabbed a last chance (for an extended holiday, at least) and relocated to Italy in 1966 to try and cash in on an Anglophilic scene. During this footnote era, they did achieve some squealing success as a placebo live draw, and hung around for years playing Family and Traffic songs, plus numbers by the ex-pat rockers who made up a bewildering, revolving cast list (two relatively major players are remembered only as "Kit" and "Rod"). They recorded singles for a tiny Italian indie label and, eventually, an LP. Old Songs New Songs is rare, inevitably hailed as a legendary cult classic. This two-disc set contains a complete bonus demo album and various 45 sides, including the sole outstanding track 'Ypotron' - feed-backing freakbeat recorded in '66 for an Italian spy caper movie." (Record Collector)

The Sorrows hardly require introduction - their 1965 chart single ‘Take a Heart’ virtually defines freakbeat, after all. As most readers will know, the group began shedding members when they failed to match that record’s modest commercial success in the following months, but did carry on, eventually decamping to Italy where, for a time, they were regarded as genuine pop stars. Their collectible, sometimes bootlegged 1969 LP for the tiny Milan-based Miura label here receives its first authorized reissue, together with a wealth of related singles, film soundtrack numbers, demos, and the previously unissued live recording of a 1980 band reunion gig. With an informative and photo-packed booklet, this set sheds considerable light on the Sorrows’ previously somewhat murky Italian period. If a bit of a hodge-podge, considering that it was cobbled together from bits and pieces by at least three different band configurations, Old Songs New Songs actually hangs together pretty well as an album. Basically, it reflects their live sets of the period, which featured covers of numbers by Traffic, the Small Faces and Family along with band originals like guitarist Chuck Fryers’ ‘Hey Hey’, ‘Same Old Road’ and the decidedly heavy ‘Io Amo Te Per Lei’ (heard elsewhere here in an earlier UK-recorded demo of its original English language incarnation, ‘Which Way’). By far the strangest track - and possibly the most interesting - is ‘The Maker’, six minutes of loopy British psychedelia that rocks like mad before fading on a coda of sitar and Spanish guitar. It’s a holdover from the short-lived line-up that included two fellows named Kit and Rod (their surnames have faded from memory). Based on this and two other Kit and Rod-penned numbers from the same demo sessions (the catchy ‘Dogs And Cats’ and the Ogden’s-flavoured ‘Answer My Questions’), they were a clever pair of songwriters, and one wonders what became of them. Also of interest are the very cool ’66-vintage film soundtrack recordings ‘Pioggia Sul Tuo Viso #1’ and ‘Viso #2’ (both Ennio Morricone co-writes and both sung by former member Pip Whitcher) and the spy flick theme song ‘Ypotron’, a freakbeat winner with plenty of feedback and crunch. In 1980, the mid-‘60s Sorrows line-up, minus Don Fardon, reconvened for a series of pub gigs in their old Coventry stomping grounds. The set captured here concludes with (what else?) ‘Take A Heart’. “We had a hit record with this in 1965,” says the member announcing the number. “Three pounds each out of it!” (Ugly Things)

Initial line-up
Philip (Pip) Whitcher - (born 1943, Coventry) - lead guitar and vocals.
Don Fardon - (born Donald Arthur Maughn, 19 August 1940, Coventry) - vocals
Philip (Phil) Packham - (born 13 June 1945, Bidford-on-Avon, near Stratford, Warwickshire) - bass guitar
Terry Juckes - (born 27 August 1943, Broadway, Worcestershire ) - rhythm guitar - vocals
Bruce Finlay - (born 20 September 1944, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland) - drums

After 1966
Philip (Pip) Whitcher - rhythm guitar and vocals
Wesley 'Wez' Price - bass - (born 19 July 1945, Coventry, Warwickshire)
Roger (Rog) Lomas - lead Guitar (born Roger David Lomas, 8 October 1948, Keresley Hospital, Coventry, Warwickshire). 1966 - 1967
Bruce Finlay - drums
Chuck Fryers - Guitar, vocals. (born Alan Paul Fryers, 24 May 1945, Bognor Regis, West Sussex). 1967 -1969
Geoff Prior - Bass. 1967 -
Chris Smith - lead vocals Hammond organ

The Sorrows - Old Songs, New Songs (1966-1980)





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