Monday, June 10, 2019

Girl Group Sounds (Darlings of the 60's) Vol 1

While many songs from the early-'60s girl group heyday have endured for decades, there are plenty of quality singles that have fallen by the wayside. This 2003 compilation from Shaboom Records rescues 22 tracks of forbidden love, broken hearts, and teen anguish from the dustbin of obscurity. A couple of names like the Honeys ("The One You Can't Have") and the Angels ("My Boyfriend's Back") may be familiar for their better-known contributions to the greater pop canon, but this collection is largely made up of artists whose careers faded almost as quickly as they began. Excellent songs like Demetriss Tapp's "Let Go of My Heart" and the Shepherd Sisters' "Don't Mention My Name" represent a unique time when the exuberance and tenderness of youth collided with sophisticated pop arrangements to create something totally new.



Ty To Original Uploader.
And TY To Steve.


  1. thank you Gazz.. a pleasure to "work" with you.. looking forward to playing this!!


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