Monday, June 10, 2019

Girl Group Sounds (Darlings of the 60's) Vol 2

Shaboom Records reach back into the archives for a second helping of girl group rarities on The Girl Group Sound: Darlings of the 1960's, Vol. 2. As with the first volume, a few names like Earl-Jean and Skeeter Davis will likely be familiar, but for the most part, this collection is dedicated to the songs and singers that time forgot. Singles like the Honeybees' "One Wonderful Night" and the Popsicles' "Baby I Miss You" represent the best of what this classic genre has to offer.



Ty To Original Uploader.

And Ty To Steve.


  1. Trying a new uploader to see if it works ok..

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  2. Not working for me: on Windows 10 via both Firefox & Chrome, I get this at the top of the Uloz page:

    "Your browser is not supported. To ensure full functionality, we recommend you to use a different browser."

    And the page's images and general GUI look-&-feel is broken.


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