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Bobby Solo (Flashback Collection) 3 CD Set

Bobby Solo (born Roberto Satti, 18 March 1945) is an Italian singer, musician and film actor.
In 1964, Solo participated in the Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Una lacrima sul viso" ("A Tear on your Face", written by "Lunero"), but affected by laryngitis, he sang with playback, which disqualified him as that was contrary to the festival regulations. The song, however, became a global hit. It was the first record to sell over one million copies in Italy, and global sales exceeded three million. It was awarded a gold disc.

In the following year Solo won in the festival with the song "Se piangi, se ridi". He participated with the same song in the Eurovision Song Contest and finished in fifth place.

Again in 1969 Solo participated in the Sanremo Festival, with the song "Zingara", together with Iva Zanicchi. His last participation in the festival was in 2003 (together with Little Tony), singing "Non si cresce mai".

Film career

Solo sang and played singing performers in several Italian, French and American films, including

Tears on Your Face (1964)
Viale della canzone (1965)
Zingara (1969)
"FF.SS." – Cioè: "...che mi hai portato a fare sopra a Posillipo se non mi vuoi più bene?" (1983)

Solo was born in Rome to an Istrian mother and Friulan father. In December 1967 he married Sophie Teckel, a French ballet dancer. They had three children, son Alain (b. 1968) and daughters Chantal (b. 1971) and Muriel (b. 1975). The couple divorced in 1991, after which Solo married Tracy Quade, a Korean-American hostess, and moved to the United States. Solo had a fourth child between the marriages.


1-1 Una Lacrima Sul Viso 3:07
1-2 Blu È Blu 2:07
1-3 Ora Che Sei Già Una Donna 2:35
1-4 Credi A Me 2:44
1-5 La Casa Del Signore 2:39
1-6 Cristina 2:15
1-7 Non Dimenticar (T’Ho Voluto Bene) 2:35
1-8 La Nostra Terra 2:45
1-9 In Fondo Agli Occhi 2:37
1-10 Tom Dooley 1:56
1-11 Come Sempre 3:44
1-12 Moon River 2:35
2-1 Se Piangi, Se Ridi 2:40
2-2 Non C'è Più Niente Da Fare 2:56
2-3 Quello Sbagliato 2:54
2-4 San Francisco 2:49
2-5 Argento E Blu 3:37
2-6 Signorina, Signorina 2:38
2-7 Canta Ragazzina 3:11
2-8 I Miei Pensieri 3:08
2-9 Congratulations 2:24
2-10 Una Granita Di Limone 2:47
2-11 Per Far Piangere Un Uomo 2:40
2-12 Amore Mi Manchi 4:12
3-1 Zingara 2:42
3-2 In The Ghetto 2:55
3-3 Domenica D'Agosto 2:17
3-4 La Stessa Serenata 3:24
3-5 Mrs. Robinson 3:50
3-6 Lo Straniero 3:00
3-7 È Inutile Sedersi E Domandarsi 3:03
3-8 Addio Angelina 3:22
3-9 Un Anno Intero Senza Te 2:48
3-10 Quanto T'Amo 3:09
3-11 Senti Come Ride 3:07
3-12 Strega D'Aprile 3:53


Ty To Original Sharer.

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  1. thanks, but 128kbps? (poor quality)

  2. Greetings Gazz
    If the quality is poor as said, it's a small effort to set it to your own personal preferences.
    I cab do it without any problem even so every sort of sort I can Tues in what format I like it the best for me.
    Many Thanks for this album an thanks for everything

  3. Merci infiniment , j'apprécie beaucoup le "Bobby Solo" des sixties 👍👍
    Excellent , encore merci Old Melodies 👍😉

  4. I had a rethink because you got this album from someone else, ripped at 128kbps (low quality but not your fault)
    I ran Spek – Acoustic Spectrum Analyser on the tracks and the true bitrate is 128. Re-mixing audio to 320 from 128 source is not the same as ripping at 320 from CD. Never mind, I love your blog and really do appreciate what you give. I just no longer download anything at 128 as it's not worth the effort. Twenty years ago this was acceptable, but no longer.


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