Saturday, August 24, 2019

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About '60s.........

Despite the long and goofy title, this brings together 27 tracks of '60s instrumentals from the psychedelic garage rock side of the equation. Many of these sides were merely B-side throwaways, something to fill up the other side of the single. While there's nothing on here that's hummable in the way of melody, there's loads of hot, fuzz-toned guitar on almost every track to recommend it. Most of the loose jams aboard take a big page from the rave-up style of the Yardbirds, and many of the tracks remind one of the climax to their arrangement of "I'm a Man." With no name groups on here (a stray studio workout under drummer Hal Blaine's name is the only exception), this is psychedelic jamming at its best -- or worst, take your pick. Fans of '60s garage-band psychedelia will love this one.


"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"


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