Saturday, July 06, 2019

60's Beat Italiano + Bonus Tracks

26 tracks of mid 60s vintage of Italian rock'n'roll bands cranking through a set list of American and British hits sung in their native tongue. Fans of fuzztones, tambourines, and Farfisa organs will love the contents of this one, no matter what lingo is being sung here. Plenty of teen angst with a little bit of linguine on the side.

Ty To Original Sharer.




  1. I'm the guy who put this out. Thanks for including it in you fantastic Blog! I sold 1,000 of these in 6 months, which made it all worthwhile! I loved these bands no matter what language they sang in, and wanted others in the English speaking world to hear them too! Rock on!

  2. Could you repost this album ?
    Thanks a lot


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