Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Light Stones ‎– Beat Band Of Liechtenstein (Switzerland) Single (1967)

Continuing With The International Singles Collection..Here is...
RARE SWISS BEAT/Freakbeat 45. Well, the LIGHTSTONES were not 100% swiss, as they were the only Beat Band of the tiny "Furstentum Liechtenstein", which is an independent country, but has very close relations to Switzerland. The LIGHTSTONES were very proud of their country as their band name and the subtitle "Beat Band Of Liechtenstein" indicates. They even pictured the castle of Vaduz on the back of their PS for the first 45 from 1967! This record is very rare, especially with the PS - of which only very few were produced - most copies came with label or plain white sleeves. It was published on the bands manager's Luda Schedler's own "Meno" label ("Made In Switerland"), Catalogue Nr. 17-567. Tracks are "Ghost-House" and "Mary-Ann". This is swiss related freakbeat at it's best - and you won't find another copy with PS for a long, long time! The Lightstones later produced another 45 on the same label("Liechtenstein Polka"), this is a bit more common but still rare - and there was no PS.




  1. Very interesting post. Thank you.

  2. Thank you. I missed a band from Liechtenstein on my hard drive :)

    Mary-Ann is a very good garage song, great!


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