Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Excheckers /The Liverpool Beats - Mersey Sound from Chester

Thank you so much,Jancy
Peter Johnson (Guitar)
Phil Blackwell (Piano)
John Pickett (Bass)
George Roberts (Drums)

Some say they were from Liverpool, others say Chester, but with a distance of 15 miles between the two, both may be right. After this 45 for Decca The Excheckers went to Germany, where they made two more for Ariola. (Stay tuned, we'll meet them again.) They most likely also recorded a lot (but not all) of the tracks released under the alias Liverpool Beats in Germany.

The Liverpool Beats as a name only existed in Germany, and, as it seemed to be such a slip-proof moniker for anonymous bands on cheapo labels, more than one group got that stamp on a multitude of samplers on Vogue's subsidiary Pop Records, called "Original Beat aus England", which presented the latest UK hits re-recorded in the studio by no-names, i.e. bands with fantasy names. The interesting stuff by The Liverpool Beats are on volume 6, where we get six live tracks that really kick ass. I meanwhile found out that they also had a German-only LP on Vogue called "This Is Liverpool-Live At The Iron Door Club", and "Hello Josephine" is on that one too. Two 45s on Vogue also exist. Now I've been told by someone who was around back than, that The Liverpool Beats actually were The Excheckers from Chester, who had one 7" in England on Decca in 64 plus two in Germany on Ariola in 65.

01 - I Wanna Be Your Man
02 - Roll Over Beethoven
03 - 24 Hours From Tulsa
04 - My Prayer
05 - My Baby Left Me
06 - I'm Talking About You
07 - Here's Hoping
08 - Little Queenie
09 - Poison Ivy
10 - Memphis Tennessee
11 - Thou Shalt Not Steal
12 - Hello Josephine

13 - Memphis Tennessee (german language)
14 - Big Bad John (german language)
15 - Boys (german language)

16 - It's All Over
17 - All The World Is Mine
18 - Buzz-Buzz-Buzz
19 - You Are My New Love
20 - Mama Did'nt Know
21 - Do The Bird

info from : (?)
"Lucille/Tutti Frutti/Rip It Up/Mean Woman Blues" that appeared on "Original Beat aus England" compilation are the same versions found on Freddy Starr And The Star Boys's LP. It is not sure if the other Liverpool Beats' tracks were recorded by the same people. The Excheckers used to play as The Liverpool Beats in Germany around the same time so it could be them on these other tracks...."



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