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Les Del-Hir ‎- On M'A Souvent Parle D'Elle/Mathilda (Single 1966) (CAN) + Bonus


Les Del-Hir


"B" Side


Group from Quebec, formed by Marc Poitras (vocals, guitar soloist), Michel Poitras (guitar), Jacques Roberge (bass guitar) and Raymond Parent (drums). The group began in 1964 under the name Mckoys, to later become the Del-Hir. The group signed a contract with the London record company in 1965 and recorded their first single entitled "Elle m'attend" French version of the song "The Last Time" by the Rolling Stones.

The Del-Hir participate in several popular youth television shows. In the fall of the same year, Raymond Parent left training to join Habits Jaunes. In 1966, the group recorded a second single on the Vedettes label which was titled "We often spoke about her", the French version of the song "She's Not There" by the Zombies. Subsequently the group returns to London and records two more 45s, in the meantime there are several changes within the formation. In 1967, Jacques Roberge left the group and was replaced by Dwight Kaser, then by Claude Atkins from the Million-Airs group.

1965 - London 45 rpm

FC 718 - She's waiting for me / The path

1966 - 45 rpm stars

VD 3022 - I have often been told about her / Mathilda

1968 - London 45 rpm

FC 765 - It's life that wants that / I don't know what to do anymore

FC 766 - It's your fault / That's why




  1. "B" Side - Les Del-Hir - Mathilda

  2. mark adams et les del-hir - je ne sais plus quoi faire

  3. Hi!

    Thanx for these. More Canadian singles...Yeah! "New" artists = "new" hears here. Please keep 'em coming. ;)

    Ciao! For now.


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