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"Giving Back" 6 The College Spirit: Songs Of American Universities (LP) 1954


The College Spirit: Songs Of American Universities

by University Of Michigan Men's Glee Club

Decca (DL 8783)

The University of Michigan Men's Glee Club is an all-male glee club (or choir) at the University of Michigan. With roots tracing back to 1859, it is the second oldest glee club in the United States and is the oldest student organization at the university. The club has won the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod on four separate occasions. Since 2018, the Club's musical director has been Mark Stover who has continued to expand the Club's repertoire and arranged performances.

The origins of the club stem from a variety of groups that came together in 1876. After a number of years including banjo and mandolin players in the club, it reverted to simply a vocal group by the mid-1920s. It received a substantial rise in profile under the directory of Philip Duey in the 1950s, who organised national, then international tours, and numerous television appearances. Since then, the club has continued to tour internationally at high-profile venues.

The club is entirely managed by students, except for the musical director, taken from the university staff. It has a number of traditions, including the practice of snapping fingers instead of clapping. 

Tracks Include: Songs of American Universities ... from West Point and Yale to Cornell, Syracuse and The University of Texas.

Publication date 1954


1. Lord Geoffrey Amherst

2. Army Blue (West Point)

3. All Hail Blue And Gold (University Of California)

4. Sans Souci - Roar Lion Roar (Columbia)

5. Far Above Cayuga's Waters (Cornell)

6. Eleazer Wheelock (Dartmouth)

7. Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech

8. Harvardiana - Our Director (Harvard) With Piano Acc.

9. Illinois Loyalty - Hail To The Orange (Illinois)

10. The Victors - Yellow And Blue (Michigan) With Piano Acc.

11. Anchors Aweigh (Annapolis) With Piano Accompaniment

12. Hike Notre Dame- Notre Dame Victory March

13. Across The Field- Carmen Ohio (Ohio State)

14. The Princeton Cannon Song

15. Come Join The Band, Hail, Stanford, Hail With Piano Accompaniment

16. Night Song (Syracuse)

17. The Eyes Of Texas (University of Texas)

18. On Wisconsin - Wisconsin Varsity With Piano Acc.

19. Down The Field - Bright College Years (Yale) With Piano Accompaniment

20. Glaudeamus


Give Back

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