Saturday, February 27, 2021

James Darren, Shelley Fabares, Paul Petersen ‎– Teenage Triangle Revisited

The 'Teenage Triangle' consisted of Shelley Fabares, James Darren and Paul Petersen, three teen idols brought together to wonderful effect. An expanded version of this famous album within which there are all the tracks from Paul Petersen's LP 'Lollipops And Roses'. Contains all their biggest hits including: "Goodbye Cruel World", "Johnny Angel", "She Can't Find Her Keys", "Her Royal Majesty" and more. 

01 James Darren — Goodbye Cruel World 
02 Shelley Fabares — Johnny Angel 
03 Paul Petersen — She Can't Find Her Keys 
04 James Darren — Her Royal Majesty 
05 Shelley Fabares — Johnny Loves Me 
06 Paul Petersen — Keep Your Love Locked (Deep In Your Heart) 
07 James Darren — Gidget 
08 Shelley Fabares — The Things We Did Last Summer 
09 Paul Petersen — Lollipops And Roses 
10 James Darren — Conscience 
11 Shelley Fabares — I'm Growing Up 
12 Paul Petersen — Little Sad Boy 
13 James Darren — Mary's Little Lamb 
14 Shelley Fabares — Big Star 
15 Paul Peterson — My Dad 
16 James Darren — Life Of The Party 
17 Shelley Fabares — Telephone (Won't You Ring) 
18 Paul Petersen — Be Everything To Anyone But Love 
19 Shelley Fabares — What Did They Do Before Rock And Roll 
20 James Darren — Hail To The Conquering Hero 
21 Paul Petersen — Mama Your Little Boy Fell 
22 Paul Petersen — Very Unlikely 
23 James Darren — I'll Be Loving You 
24 James Darren — Hear What I Want To Hear 
25 Paul Petersen — One Girl 
26 Paul Petersen — Love Me Tender 
27 Paul Petersen — Please Mr. Sun 
28 Paul Petersen — Blue Moon 



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