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Basement Beehive The Girl Group Underground (2 CD Set)

There have been innumerable collections of classic girl groups that range from the hits to the most obscure artists; unsurprisingly, the Numero Group's entry leans exclusively toward the latter. Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground is a two-disc set that uncovers 56 songs recorded all across America during the pre-psychedelic '60s. Unlike a lot of girl group sets that lean on novelty or focus on a certain label or sound, Basement Beehive takes a wide-angle approach that pulls in all manner of variations on the basic template while only spotlighting groups that deliver strong songs sung by powerful voices. There are songs with the tough, melodramatic sound of the Shangri-Las, some swinging R&B-influenced tracks (like the Rayons' funky "You Confuse Me Baby"), a few that lean toward Motown and Northern soul, and even a handful that could have been hits if the breaks had gone their way. The Voices' super-catchy "Fall in Love Again" is one example; the Monzas' insistent lament "Ain't It the Truth" is another. Add in a couple garage rock tracks, including the Belles' "Melvin" (a take on Them's "Gloria"), quite a few swooning ballads, some prerequisite novelty tracks (the infectious "Dum, Dum, De Dip" by Judi & the Affections), and a couple songs that strain at the genre's limitations, like the really weird "I Wanna Be a Winner" by the very over-the-top Vickie & the Van Dykes, and the result is an impressive slice that covers the breadth of the girl group sound. The only downside to the collection is that the second disc leans heavily on ballads -- though most of them are really good, especially the Passionettes' heartbreaking "My Pleas" and the Shades' dramatic weeper "Tell Me Not to Hurt." It's also too bad that the second disc repeats the same bands that are on the first disc; the gems the team at Numero dug up are so golden that one wishes they had found even more singers and groups to spotlight. Those (very) minor issues aside, Basement Beehive is a very strong compilation that stacks up at least half a beehive higher than the usual girl group fare. Along with the overall high quality of the songs and the women who sing them, the package is put together with the usual Numero flair, the sound is clean and crisp, and the essays for each group are enlightening. It's good enough that one starts wishing for the next volume as soon as the last song begins to fade, and there's no higher compliment for an archival collection.


1-1 –The Four J's (2) Will You Be My Love
Written By – Gross
Written-By – Love*
1-2 –The Chantells (6) With The Aqua Lads I'll Never Know
Written-By – Edwards*
1-3 –The Passionetts My Fault
Written-By – Trevour*
1-4 –The Tonettes (4) I Gotta Know
Written-By – Johnson*
1-5 –Vickie & The Van Dykes I Wanna Be A Winner
Written-By – Siano*, Falcone*
1-6 –The Vandelettes A Love Of Mine
Written-By – Stewart*
1-7 –The Devilettes I'll Say Yes
Written-By – Vance*
1-8 –Dot and The Velvelettes* Searching For My Man
Written-By – Bosley*, Hunter*
1-9 –Chapells* Help Me Somebody
Written-By – Patterson*
1-10 –Devotions Same Old Sweet Lovin'
Written-By – Eaton*
1-11 –The Hill Sisters (2) My Lover
Written-By – Alexander*
1-12 –The Soulettes (3) Find Somebody New
Written-By – Brown*
1-13 –The Mellow Dawns I Don't Believe
Written-By – Gargano*
1-14 –The Cineemas Never Gonna Cry
Written By – Hyson
Written-By – Robinson*
1-15 –Judi & The Affections Dum, Dum, De Dip
Written-By – Placido*
1-16 –The Para-Monts Come Go With Me
Written-By – Coleman*
1-17 –The Belles (3) Melvin
Written-By – Morrison*
1-18 –The Petites (5) I Believe (The Man Loves Me)
Written-By – Drain*
1-19 –The Voices (18) Fall In Love Again
Written-By – Pegue*
1-20 –Charles Pikes & The Scholars Unlucky In Love
Written-By – Pikes*
1-21 –The Contessas (3) Broken Heart
Written-By – Viscione*
1-22 –The Shades (25) I Won't Cry
Written-By – Stouder*, Gard*, Blodgett*
1-23 –The Monzas Where Is Love
Written-By – Miller*
1-24 –Toni & The Hearts* Thank You Baby
Written By – Johnson
Written-By – Flemming*
1-25 –The Dreamliners From One Fool To Another
Written-By – Lance*
1-26 –The Rayons Baby Be Good (While I'm Gone)
Written-By – Davis*, Taylor*, Perkins*
1-27 –Paulette & The Cupids Teenage Dropout
Written By – Jacquay, Rae
1-28 –Bernadette Carroll Laughing On The Outside
Written-By – Raleigh*, Wayne*
2-1 –Chapells* You’re Acting Kind Of Strange
Written-By – Patterson*
2-2 –The Hill Sisters (2) Oh My Sweet Love
Written By – Jackson*
2-3 –Toni & The Hearts* Never Change Our Love
Written-By – Hart*
2-4 –The Devilettes I’m Leaving You
Written-By – Vance*
2-5 –The Chantells (6) With The Aqua Lads Don’t Look
Written-By – Edwards*
2-6 –Vickie & The Van Dykes Baby I’m Crying
Written-By – Falcone*
2-7 –Paulette & The Cupids He’ll Wait On Me
Written-By – Bradley*
2-8 –The Dreamliners The Lonely Fool
Written-By – Herrera*, Ornelas*
2-9 –The Petites (5) Lonely Girl
Written-By – Drain*
2-10 –The Passionetts My Plea
Written-By – Shepard*
2-11 –The Tonettes (4) My Heart Can Feel The Pain
Written-By – Johnson*
2-12 –The Para-Monts I Don’t Wanna Lose You
Written-By – Coleman*
2-13 –Dotty McCullum For As Long As You Want Me
Written-By – Bosley*, Hunter*
2-14 –The Shades (25) Tell Me Not To Hurt
Written-By – Souder*, Gard*, Blodgett*
2-15 –The Monzas Ain’t It The Truth
Written-By – Peques*
2-16 –The Voices (18) Forever Is A Long, Long Time
Written-By – Pegue*
2-17 –The Rayons You Confuse Me Baby
Written-By – Davis*, Taylor*, Perkins*
2-18 –The Vandelettes He’s All Mine
Written By – Freeman
2-19 –Devotions Devil’s Gotten Into My Baby
Written-By – Eaton*
2-20 –The Belles (3) Come Back
Written-By – Teaver*
2-21 –The Mellow Dawns I’m Sorry Baby
Written By – Fulcher, Greenwood, Iverson
2-22 –The Cineemas A Crush On You
Written By – Johnson
2-23 –The Contessas (3) Gimme Gimme
Written-By – Viscione*
2-24 –Charles Pikes & The Scholars What Do You Do
Written-By – Pikes*
2-25 –The Four J's (2) The Nursery
Written-By – Kennedy*
2-26 –The Soulettes (3) It’s Alright
Written-By – Brown*
2-27 –Judi & The Affections Ain’t Gonna Hurt My Pride
Written-By – Placido*
2-28 –Bernadette Carroll The Humpty-Dump
Written By – Rodrigues
Written-By – Falcone*


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