Monday, February 22, 2021

The Thunderbirds - The Thunderbirds featuring Paul Würges (Ariola)

Paul Würges

Born March 13, 1932 in Munich; died November 30, 2017 ibid.
German Rock ’n’ Roll guitarist, singer, composer and bandleader. Nickname: “German Bill Haley”.

He came in touch with electric guitars through American soldiers that were based in Munich after WW II. He soon started to perform regularly with his first band, the Bavarian Playboys. In the Mid-Fivties he first formed the Moonglow Combo which merged into the Rocking Allstars. Soon he was known as one of Germany's best guitarists and played with professionals like Ambros Seelos. He toured with Max Greger and Ernst Jäger through Europe and recorded his own records for Ariola. 1964, he played at the Olympic Games in Innsbruck and scored his first big hit “Olympic Nights”. Later, R’n’R got replaced by Beat music, so he performed under his alias “Cliff Jackson and the Star-Beaters”. After sixty years in show business, he was not tired to perform on Munichs stages.

01 - African Guitars
02 - Crazy Mood
03 - The Twistin' Hillbilly
04 - The Way You Dance Tonight
05 - The Birth Of The Slop
06 - Come On Let's Rock Again
07 - Everybody Dance Twist
08 - Nights At The Eden-Saloon
09 - Rhythm Is Our Business
10 - Thunderbirds
11 - For Twisters Only
12 - Twistin' Safari

13 - Sleep Walk
14 - Red River Rock


  1. anyonesdaughter21 Dec 2009, 10:32:00

    wow, seems like youre a really big lords-fan!
    thanks very much for this more than complete collection, i am already enjoying it.
    the thunderbirds nevertheless are a very special jewel, cant tell you how glad i am for this great post!

    greetings from germany,

  2. Thank You, Dmitrich & Jancy, for the great posts, especially The Lords and the Thunderbirds !

    Jancy, Du sagst, Du hättest die Lords `86 selber aufgenommen- das war nicht etwa in Rendsburg, oder ?

    Außerdem soll es noch eine Single geben, live in Polen: Hast Du die Aufnahme ? Oder ist "Poor Boy live" auf Deinem "Shakin all over II"- post eine davon ?

    Danke auch für die Thunderbirds-- freue mich schon auf den Cliff- Jackson- rip !
    (und darüber, daß offensichtlich mal eine Frau in diese männerdominierte Scene bricht- Grüße, Sarah !)

  3. Please repost this. Thanks D&J


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