Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Five Americans - Anthology vol.2

45' version
01 Good Times - version
02 Western Union - diff mix
03 If I Could - version long
04 You can't win - prev. unissued
05 I'm Feeling O.K. - stereo mix

 Progressions (1967)

The Five Americans' third album, Progressions, lives up to its title. The group, which had gained success with the pounding frat rocker "I Saw the Light" and the bubbly pop hit "Western Union," began to show some real artistic growth as they stretched out and explored new sounds. Some of the tracks sound like more assured versions of their earlier efforts -- the bubblegummy "Zip Code" (the attempted follow-up to "Western Union"), the tender folk-rock of "(But Not) Today," the sparkling pop of "Stop-Light" -- but they also incorporate some harder guitar rock on "Black Is White -- Day Is Night," Kinks-y baroque pop psych on "Rain Maker," and blue-eyed soul on "Come on Up." They also ditched the at times too slick sound achieved by producer Dale Hawkins, took over the production chores themselves, and did a fine job of creating a full and rich sound with just enough experimentation to keep things unpredictable. Progressions is a substantial leap of quality for the group; with the right push, it could have been big. Instead it is a hidden gem that fans of fine '60s pop should seek out and savor.

06 Stop Light
07 Con Man
08 Black Is White-Day Is Night
09 (But Not) Today
10 Come On Up
11 Zip Code
12 Rain Maker
13 Sweet Bird of Youth
14 Evol-Not Love
15 Somebody Help Me

45' version
16 Stop Light  - version
17 Zip Code - diff. version

45' (1968 - 1969)
18   2a No Communication
19   2b The Rain Maker
20   3a Lovin' Is Livin
21   4b The Source (missing)
22   1b Call On Me
23   Letters, pictures, melodies (prev. unissued)
24   promotion lp now and then



  1. Thanks for sharing. Have a greatest hits package, so looking forward to hearing some of their "deeper" cuts.


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