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Gary Farr & The T-Bones - Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem T-Bones(1966)

Gary Farr formed the T-Bones in Worthing, Sussex, in 1963. They started out as a raw R&B outfit who were very popular in the clubs and made an appearance on 'Ready Steady Go'. Their debut 45 was a cover of Howlin' Wolf's How Many More Times, which was backed by a raw cover of the R&B standard, I'm A Lover Not A Fighter. Their second 'A' side was a cover of Soloman Burke's Won't She Give Him (One More Chance), backed by another good R&B number, Hamish's Express Relief. After this Gar

 Farr went solo, although he used the T-Bones to back him on his initial recordings. 

Future Nice and Emerson, Lake and Palmer member Keith Emerson was briefly with the T-Bones en route to The V.I.P.'s. Lee Jackson, previously of Hedgehopper's Anonymous, was also later in The Nice. Andrew Steele also went on to The Herd and Doggerel Bank. 

Gary Farr was best known for his work with the T-Bones, beginning in the early '60s and extending well into the '80s. He was born to British heavyweight boxing champion Tommy Farr, and grew up with a love of folk and blues music. He began to play in pubs and clubs around Sussex, until he finally put the T-Bones together. The lineup changed continually, including a short stint from keyboardist Keith Emerson, and even scored the spot as the resident band at London's Crawdaddy Club after the Yardbirds left it. The band was a live sensation, but in its long existence it never quite broke out of the underground and eventually disbanded in the late '80s. ~ (Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide)
T-Bones : One of the many British R&B groups fighting for attention in 1964 and 1965, the T-Bones (not to be confused with the American group that had an instrumental hit in 1965 with "No Matter What Shape") were reared in the shadow of the Yardbirds, sharing their manager (Giorgio Gomelsky), taking over their residency at London's famed Marquee club, and confounding collectors when a picture of the Yardbirds appeared on a French T-Bones EP. A decent, energetic act, they lacked the interpretative vision of the Yardbirds and other major British bands on the R&B scene and, like so many of the era's groups, had virtually no songwriting acumen. Keith Emerson was briefly a member, and lead singer Gary Farr recorded some solo albums. Gomelsky licensed a lot of material by his former bands haphazardly all over the world, and the T-Bones were not spared, accounting for the availability of a lot of unissued material this extremely minor band recorded in the mid-'60s. ~ (Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide)


  1. Pic of The Yardbirds on the back cover (?).. well, Gary & Keith were both blonde, so I suppose it's a honest mistake. NOT!

  2. А что здесь The Yardbirds делают на 2 фотографии ???

    1. В гости заходили... 8)))

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