Saturday, November 14, 2020

Rene and his Alligators "In The Mood"


René & The Alligators was a rock and roll guitar band from The Hague that was founded at the end of 1959 by guitarist and singer René Nodelijk.

Initially, Nodelijk tried to build a career as a singer, but soon his talents as a guitarist showed. Sixteen instrumental rock singles from the Alligators were released in the period 1960-1964. This band had a clear Indian background, partly due to the establishment of an Indian Art Circle in the café-restaurant Den Hout in The Hague because of the repatriation from Indonesia. Their best-known singles are Guitar Boogie and In the Mood from 1962. They were an example for the later beat groups in The Hague , the generation that often had guitar lessons from René Nodelijk.

In 1978 Nodelijk made a comeback with his wife Renée (Anja Exterkate).


1 In The Mood

2 Guitar Boogie

3 La Comparsa

4 Sweet Georgia Brown

5 My Happiness

6 Two Guitars

7 12th Street Rag

8 Telstar

9 Black Swan

10 Wham!

11 Gipsy Rock

12 Counter Point

13 Eurovision Rock

14 The Alligator's Dance

15 Theme From "Limelight"

16 Heisser Sand

17 Granada

18 Rinky Dink

19 Bonanza

20 Danse Vise

21 Bust Out

22 Let's Do The Slop

23 She Broke My Heart

24 I Can Wait

25 Quite A Lot Of Things

26 Laughing In The Rain


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