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Gerry And The Pacemakers Debut Album "How Do You Like It!" (LP) 1963


Gerry & The Pacemakers consisted of vocalist and songwriter Gerry Marsden, his brother Freddie Marsden, Les Chaswick and Les Maguire. Although they were made up of four members, the Pacemakers differed from most Liverpool bands of that time in that they used piano and guitars. Gerry Marsden formed the group in the late 1950s. They rivaled the Beatles early in their career, playing in countries like Germany and England. They signed with Brian Epstein in mid-1962 (the first band to do so, besides the Beatles)

In late 1965, the group's popularity declined in both England and the United States. In 1966 the group came to an end. They met again in 1974 for a world tour and in 1993 to celebrate 30 years.  Drummer Freddie Marsden died on December 9, 2006, at the age of 66; bassist Les Chadwick passed away on December 26, 2019.

Like the Beatles, they were brought to EMI by George Martin, who was one of the producers of the band's debut album, "How Do You Like It".

Formation : Gerry Marsden - voice, guitar Les Maguire - piano Les Chadwick - Bass Freddy Marsden - Drums + George Martin - production Ron Richards - production Tracks : 1. A Shot of Rhythm and Blues 2. Jambalaya 3. Where Have You Been? 4. Here's Hoping 5. Pretend 6. Maybellene 7. You'll Never Walk Alone 8. The Wrong Yo Yo 9. You're the Reason 10. Chills 11. You Can't Fool Me 12. Don't You Ever 13. Summertime 14. Slow Down Gerry & The Pacemakers (1963) ------------------

 Curiosity: Initially the group was called "Gerry Marsden and the Mars Bars", but they were forced to change their name when the Mars Company, producer of the Mars chocolate bar, threatened a lawsuit.


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