Monday, November 16, 2020

The Legendary Nightshadows - vol.3: The Psychedelic Years 1967-1969

The Atlanta-based Night Shadows were one of the earliest and longest-lived garage bands in the U.S., with a career that extended from the formative days of rock & roll to the psychedelic era. Guitarists Ronnie "Goose" Farmer and Johnny "Cha Cha" Pitner and drummer Craig Wemmers formed their first band, the Kavaliers, in 1956 — the teens soon recruited friend Aleck Janoulis to play bass, followed by the 1958 addition of keyboardist Mike Moore, who also brought to the proceedings a homemade theremin capable of creating cosmic sonic embellishments that foreshadowed the group's later evolution into acid punk.

In mid-1959 drummer Ray Massey...

1 The Prologue (The Voice of Electric Bob)
2 So Much (1967 Version)
3 I Can't Believe 4 Plenty of Trouble
5 In The Air 6 Anything But Lies (Time After Time)
7 Gimme, Gimme
8 Don't Hold Your Breath
9 Listen To My Heart
10 Fly High
11 60 Second Swinger
12 Psychedelic Illusion
13 Little Phil Jokes With The Audience
14 Anything But Lies (Lost Live Version)
15 Turned On 16 The Hot Dog Man (Stoned Version)
17 Epilogue: Fly High Reprise
18 Excerpt from a 1979 Radio Retrospective on Little Phil
19 The Garbage Man (1961)

Lost. Maybe someone has this ...?



  1. Greetings, Can you please re-post when you get time?

    Thanks a lot Rich.

  2. Looking For Legendary Night Shadows - Volume 1, Anybody?...Thank You...mOOOse

  3. Thank you for the Night Shadows 'trilogy'..very cool!


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