Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - New Astronautic Sound (1979)

Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - New Astronautic Sound

Peter Thomas composed and recorded the original score, which has become a soundtrack classic and collector’s item among rare groove afficionados since its original release on Philips. The music, floating between avantgarde jazz, big band beat and spaced-out psychedelia, set a new benchmark in the history of film music and science fiction scores and became one of Thomas' best known works.The title theme is the first known piece of music in pop history to feature a vocoder, a device that until then had exclusively been used for voice encoding in military warfare. Peter Thomas borrowed a device from the Siemens factory to process his voice for the recording of the countdown. 

01 - Space Patrol (Raumpatrouille)
02 - Shub-A-Dooe
03 - Lancet Bossa Nova
04 - Love in Space
05 - Ballet
06 - Bolero on the Moon Rocks
07 - Song and Sound the Stars Around
08 - Landing on the Moon
09 - Piccicato in Heaven
10 - Outside Atmosphere
11 - Take Sex
12 - Jupiter's Pop Music
13 - Sky Life
14 - Starlight Party
15 - Orion 2000
16 - Danger for the Crew
17 - Position- Overkill
18 - The Space Patrol's Return

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