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The Embers - The Embers Dig Doug! (1964)

The Embers: A New Zealand Band formed in 1961. 

    Johnny Willetts (Lead Guitar)
    Glyn Tucker (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals)
    Gary Daverne (Saxophone / Piano)
    Keith Graham (Bass Guitar)
    Mike Kelly (Drums)

The career of Ronnie Sundin was on the slide, until he was asked in mid-1962 to put together a backing band for himself, to play at the newly opened Shiralee nightclub in Auckland. The backing band was called the Embers and contained Johnny Willetts, who had been with the Buccaneers, Keith Graham from the Devils, along with Glyn, Gary and Mike. They only worked with Ronnie for a matter of weeks, before totally going it on their own. Glyn had previously been with the Stereotones.
In the early sixties, the Embers became one of the top bands in Auckland, being at one stage the house band at the Shiralee Cabaret, but like all the other groups around at the time, they suffered when a young band from Christchurch moved into town. Armed with a matching set of Fender Stratocasters, Ray Columbus and the Invaders were very professional and everyone else were pushed into the background.
The Embers had produced three singles during 1962 and 1963 on both the Viscount and Viking label. They were "Rinky Dink"/"Green Leaves Of Summer", "Planet 10"/"Man From Laramie" and "Metropolis"/"Painted Tainted Rose". In 1963 they released a self-titled album and followed that up with another album called "The Embers Dig Doug", that wasn't released until 1964, after the Embers had folded.
In 1963 Willetts left and went to Terry Dean and the Nitebeats. He was replaced by Doug Jerebine, who was to go on to become a legendary guitarist. Over the years, his sound was to play a major role in the ranks of other top Auckland bands, most notably the Brew. In September 1965 he was working as Tommy Adderley's guitarist on the Dinah Lee Spectacular, her farewell tour of the country.
Gary Daverne left and was replaced by Mike Perjanik. Keith Graham was replaced by John 'Yuk' Harrison. Willie Schneider joined on saxophone. He had previously been with the Meteors. Mike Kelly was replaced by Bruce King, from the Stereotones. By the end of 1963 the Embers were no more.
Mike Perjanik grabbed some of the remnants and formed the Mike Perjanik Band, who became the mainstay session band on the Auckland recording scene for the next few years. In 1966 Mike took his band to Australia with Allison Durbin. Glyn Tucker later appeared in the Gremlins. John 'Yuk' Harrison became a member of the Meteors and also played in the Invaders. Doug Jerebine went to the UK after his stint with Brew.

The Embers  - The Embers Dig Doug! (1964) Original album

Viking ‎– VP.123, Viking ‎– VP 123

The Embers  - The Embers Dig Doug!  (2014)

Viking Sevenseas Ltd

01. The Embers-Watermelon Man 
02. The Embers-Telstar 
03. The Embers-Little Green Valley 
04. The Embers-Summer Holiday 
05. The Embers-Trambone 
06. The Embers-Experiment In Terror 
07. The Embers-Rinky Dink 
08. The Embers-Shake Rattle & Roll 
09. The Embers-Diamonds 
10. The Embers-The Hucklebuck 
11. The Embers-Recado 
12. The Embers-On The Rebound 
13. The Embers-The Man From Laramie 
14. The Embers-Planet 10 
15. The Embers-Metropolis 
16. The Embers-Memphis 
17. The Embers-Painted Tainted Rose 
18. The Embers-Nola 
19. The Embers-Ginchy 
20. The Embers-Scarlet O'hara 
21. The Embers-Venus In Blue Jeans 
22. The Embers-Hully Gully Baby 
23. The Embers-Old Macdonald's Cave 
24. The Embers-In A Persian Market 



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