Sunday, February 09, 2020

The Rippers - Honesty (1968)

At first this is no Krautrock. The Rippers were a German band of five students aged between 20 and 23 years. The music of the boys (today probably all grandfathers) was of course orientated on the then overseas sound from America as well as from the British role models. Nevertheless, you can clearly hear German idiosyncrasies in her music. The music is strongly influenced by an organ in the accompaniment. My Flight is a piece that is supposed to sound like US soul and makes this very convincing. All in all, the album is very pop psychedelic and in my opinion one of the strongest albums of a German band from the sixties and also because they didn't played the usual Beat band sound most of the popular german bands played. Of course you can't it compare with british or US acts but the songs had a particular kind of charme.(Frank)

Thanks Ezhevika Fields for this
Pop On The Run for review.

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