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Strange Pleasures:(Sounds Of The Decca Underground 1966-75) 3 CD Set VA

Watching major labels attempt to plug in to the exploding underground music scene 
from 1966 onwards was often hilarious as groups changed their uniforms to go with 
current trends and, in the time span of this follow-up to 2003’s Legend Of A Mind, 
their music from innocently bonkers garage-psych to convoluted greatcoat stodge. 
Decca did a better job than many, running the Deram and Nova labels to represent 
myriad strains in the sonic spectrum from folk to proto-metal.

The beauty of this compilation is not so much getting another chance to hear The 
Moody Blues, Genesis or Caravan, but getting weird and wonderful delights by the 
likesof standout Disc One’s Curiosity Shoppe, The Accent, World Of Oz or 
ever-startling Tintern Abbey, while being reminded what a magnificent band East 
Of Eden were at this time. Other names include many then trudging round the 
nation’s clubs, including Chicken Shack, Principle Edwards, Curved Air, Keef 
Hartley, Ten Years After and Thin Lizzy. It’s also uncannily revealed that The 
Egg invented deep house with I Will Be Absorbed! By Disc Three there is obviously 
a need for punk rock, but this is a mighty, astutely-compiled picture of an era 
which many today can only dream of.

Disc 01 (total time = 73:25)
01 - In The Beginning (Genesis)
02 - Turn Into Earth (Al Stewart)
03 - Red Sky At Night (The Accent)
04 - Vacuum Cleaner (Tintern Abbey)
05 - Secret (Virgin Sleep)
06 - Twilight Time (Evening) (The Moody Blues)
07 - Some Good Advice (Bill Fay)
08 - Michaelangelo (23rd Turnoff)
09 - The Sounds (Ten Years After)
10 - Baby I Need You (The Curiosity Shoppe)
11 - Like A Tear (World Of Oz)
12 - Down At Circe's Place (Touch)
13 - Under The Rainbow (The End)
14 - Opening (The Deviants)
15 - I'm Coming Home (The Deviants)
16 - Northern Hemisphere (East Of Eden)
17 - Magician In The Mountain (Sunforest)
18 - Jenra (Davy Graham)
19 - The Best Way To Travel (The Moody Blues)
20 - I Will Be Absorbed (Egg)
21 - Bad Scene (Ten Years After)

Disc 02 (total time = 76:45)
01 - If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You (Caravan)
02 - Gypsy (Moody Blues)
03 - Garden Song (Bill Fay)
04 - Atmosphere (Denny Gerrard)
05 - Skillet (Galliard)
06 - Sharing (Satisfaction)
07 - J.L.T. (T2)
08 - The Time Is Near (Keef Hartley Band)
09 - First Reminder (Clark-Hutchinson)
10 - Practically Never Happens (Ashkan)
11 - Harpo's Head (Stud)
12 - Contrasong (Egg)
13 - Marcus Junior (East Of Eden)
14 - Winter Wine (Caravan)

Disc 03 (total time = 79:06)
01 - Things Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm (Thin Lizzy)
02 - I'm Coming On (Ten Years After)
03 - Space Shanty (Kahn)
04 - Cosmic Bride (Zakarrias)
05 - Time Of The Last Persecution (Bill Fay)
06 - Waterloo Lily (Caravan)
07 - Ballad Of The Queen Of Outer Space (Pete Brown)
08 - Steal The World (Darryl Way's Wolf)
09 - Spring's Sweet Comfort (The Parlour Band)
10 - Crying Won't Help You Now (Chicken Shack)
11 - Sarah (Version 1) (Thin Lizzy)
12 - Triplets (Principal Edwards)
13 - Marie Antoinette (Curved Air)
14 - New York Ladies (Michael Chapman)

Strange Pleasures Further Sounds of the Decca Underground 2008 3CD MP3
(includes scans back front of boxset, inner sleeves and 48 page booklet)
(follow-up to 2003’s Legend Of A Mind)


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