Monday, April 26, 2021

The Searchers - BBC Sessions


The BBC Sessions, is unique in that it consistes of almost live recordings and interviews with the band. It is also is different that their greatest hit, Needles and Pins does not feature.

In the 60's the BBC was restricted in its amount of needle time so to cater for the almost insatiable demand for the bands the BBC invited the groups into a BBC to record their latest single or LP tracks. 
The CD will certainly appeal to those who lived during those times and grew up listening to the Searchers on the radio and going to their concerts.New generations of Searchers' fans will enjoy these performances for the reason that the Searchers were a good live band (then and now) with a strong choice of material in their act including their various 1964-7 hit singles and B sides,Dylan folk and Chuck Berry flat out rock n' roll.The hits include When You Walk In The Room,What Have They Done To The Rain,Goodbye My Love,Bumble Bee,He's Got No Love,and When I get Home.
The CD is also interspersed with interviews from the radio shows which add real 60's flavour to the listening experience.The CD's booklet is excellent as well.For me the most interesting parts of the CD are the 1967 segments beginning when Mike Pender introduces John Blunt as the Searchers' new drummer replacing Chris Curtis.The former had a relatively short tenure with the group and is usually referred to as a drummer who's high energy style was out of sync with the Searchers' sound but these BBC sessions might just be his finest hour.
The Searchers - BBC Sessions
Disc: 1 
1. When You Walk in the Room 
2. Chris Curtis Interview 
3. This Feeling Inside 
4. What Have They Done to the Rain? 
5. Searchers: The Interview 
6. Something You Got Baby 
7. Let the Good Times Roll 
8. Everything You Do 
9. Chris Curtis Interview 
10. Goodbye My Love 
11. Chris Curtis Interview 
12. Magic Potion 
13. Chris Curtis Interview 
14. Bumble Bee 
15. Everybody Come Clap Your Hands 
16. Sweet Little Sixteen 
17. Interview 
18. Glad All Over 
19. Chris Curtis Interview 
20. He's Got No Love 
21. Be My Baby 
Disc: 2
1. Ready Teddy 
2. Four Strong Winds 
3. Chris Curtis Interview 
4. When I Get Home 
5. I'm Never Coming Back 
6. Too Many Miles 
7. Mike Pender Interview 
8. Take Me for What I'm Worth 
9. It's Time 
10. Mike Pender Interview 
11. Take It or Leave It 
12. Blowin' in the Wind 
13. Mike Pender Interview 
14. Have You Ever Loved Somebody 
15. Medeley: C C Rider/Jenny Take a Ride 
16. Frank Allen Interview 
17. Popcorn, Double Feature 
18. Goodbye, So Long 
19. I'll Be Loving You 
20. Western Union 
21. I Don't Believe It

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