Monday, April 12, 2021

Australian pop of the 60's

Shakin' All Over VOL.1

Move Baby Move VOL.2

The Real Thing VOL.3

Shake Baby Shake  VOL.4

Age of consent VOL.5


 The Breaking Point VOL.6


Thank a lot BigGray !


  1. And here's Vol. 6

    Australian Pop Of The 60s Vol.6 - The Breaking Point

    1. Thanks for adding Volume 6 to this set. Much appreciated!

  2. Oh man, these look like a great set. I'm still learning about all the music Aussies were hearing in the 60's. Some amazing stuff. Thanks so much!

  3. Great post - so much great music came out of Australia and New Zealand over the last 60 years, it's great to finally get to hear some of it.

    I also want to applaud your decision to post in lossless when you are able. I know it probably makes your job harder (or at least more time consuming) and I just wanted to let you know that your efforts are really appreciated. Thank you.

  4. This looks like a great collection unfortunately Zippyshare does not work in the UK is it possible for you to upload via mediafire in MP3. Your site is fantastic and I will continue to download where I can access other than Zippyshare - Thank You

  5. Thank you for you wonderful site... just wondering if these files are in MP3 or flac?

  6. the link for the 6th volume is dead
    Could you "repair" it
    Many thanks

  7. Great blog ! Great administrators !!
    Thanks a lot, guys !!


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