Friday, April 16, 2021

The Lipsticks ‎– Let's Have A Bonnie & Clyde Party

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  1. Where was bonnie and clyde from may21 to may23,1934?They were in Louisiana all that time unless drop in a few min to see family so drive from Minden Louisiana to Dallas Texas ,(3hr 15min)which is near ,Old man Ivy Methvin farm place abandoned near Sailes and Gibsland Bienville Parish, Louisiana)How did Methvin buy the place -was hidden money Barrow buried on land?So how did Ivy methvin buy Cole place&build home during depression?Did they have to shoot over 100 times into car? Posse saw them 2 before but did not do nothing ?place .(interview one of men posse)1.Q: Was there any other time that you ever saw them again:Q: Now the period of time that you all were chasing Bonnie and Clyde, did you ever see them until the morning you shot them?A: We passed them one time; that was in Durant, Okla.Q: They got away from you?A: No, they never got away from us; there just wasn’t anything we could do.They just drove on.Q: Well, you saw them, and nothing was done. They just got away, didn’t they?A: No, they didn’t get away. There was just nothing we could do, right therein the middle of the town. We just met them and they went on. We couldn’t jump them and start shooting right there in the middle of the town and kill somebody or hurt somebody. We didn’t do that like the _, just jump out and start shooting and kill a lot of peopleA: On Monday, (May 21, 1934), going down the street in Arcadia, La., and wepassed them on the bridge.Q: And they got away from you again?A: No; they didn’t get away from us, they just drove on by. There wasnothing we could do. We just couldn’t jump out and start shooting and kill alot of people working there on the bridge.Q: You learned about the presence of Bonnie and Clyde around Shreveport,or somewhere outside of Minden, La., as a result of a trip, didn’t you?A: No, there was no tip to it. We just figured that they would be going down there to Mr. Methvin’s home.he wrote that he knew the parents of Henry Methvin lived in Louisiana, and he thought it would be a good idea to drop in on them and see what could be learned. Was that information passed on to you?A: We already knew it. He didn’t have to tell us that. Methvin’s father was not going to blow the whistle on his own kidWe just drove out there that evening and waited.Q: Where was that?A: About 15 miles southwest of Gibsland, La. It was down there in the swamps about four miles from where the Methins lived. We went down this gravel road and picked a place to stop. And we stayed there Monday and Tuesday night, and then about 4 O’ clock in the morning (May 23, 1934), this truck was coming; we just figured it was Mr. Methvin’s..Q: Isn’t it a fact that Henry Methvin did get a pardon by the Texas authorities.A: Yes, he sure did.Q: Would you describe (planting the Methvin truck on the road) as a trap forClyde and Bonnie?A: Yes.Q: Other part of her body were badly shot up also, weren’t they?A: Not too much just her hand.Q: She had been shot about 50 times, hadn’t she?A: About that.(bonnie blood on face ,body all over so she was shot many many times?)A witness (__)to train accident,acqaintance of Henry Methvin,who said,that the two had gone to Sulphur Louisiana to try find located Henry Methvin brother .Henry Methvin died train run him over in Louisiana (36yr) was killed tried to crawl across the tracks, souther pacific train after stop Sulphur Springs Louisiana. Joe E Aycock Dob:19 Dec 1904 dod: 2 Sept 1968 (age 63). Family plot (W.T.Aycock father) Minden,WebsterParish,Louisiana. In October 1946 ,Henry Methvin and Joe E.Aycock for theft of two vehicles,(1) Minden Louisiana (2)West Monroe Louisiana. Henry Methvin for drunkin driving. Henry Methvin father Ivan (ivy)Methvin automobile accident Summer 1946 died from injuries wk later. Another version:Ivy Methvin was on a bus from Shreveport after visiting Henry who was in the hospital. For some unknown reason he got off at an earlier stop and was later found seriously injured by the road side. One popular theory is that he was beaten to death because of his involvement with Bonnie and Clyde.

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