Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Feminine Complex - Livin' Love

The Feminine Complex Personnel incl: MINDY DALTON vcls, gtr A JUDY GRIFFITH vcls, perc A ALBUM: 1(A) LIVIN' LOVE (Athena 6001) 1969 R1 NB: (1) reissued on CD (Teen Beat ) and vinyl (Gear Fab GF 207). 45s: 1 I've Been Working On You / Six O'clock In The Morning (Athena 5003) 1968 2 Forgetting / I Won't Run (Athena 5006) c1968 3 Run That Thru Your Mind / Are You Lonesome Like Me (Athena 5008) c1969 From Nashville, the Feminine Complex was an all girl rock quartet. Their album combines garage rock and pop ballads. It's worth noting that the liner notes were penned by John Buck Wilkin, the leader of Ronny and The Daytonas. Mindy Dalton later had a 45 as Mindy and The Complex. The album is beginning to attract collectors, but is quite easy to find. The recent CD reissue adds several bonus tracks. One of the LP tracks, Hide and Seek, has also resurfaced on Project Blue, Vol. 2 - Psychedelights 1966-70 (LP). (Stephane Rebeschini/Max Waller/Clark Faville)


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