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J. K. & Co. ‎– Suddenly One Summer (1968)

Jay Kaye And Company

The group was led by Jay Kaye, who was only 15 when he assembled J. K. & Co. in early 1968. With assistance from arranger Robert Buckley (also still in his teens), producer Robin Spurgin, and session musicians. As a band, J. K. & Co. didn't really exist until after the album was completed, and Kaye formed a group to play the material live that included his cousin John Kaye on bass. Although the LP got a little bit of exposure on Californian underground radio stations, it was not well-promoted and remains barely known, even by many psych-heads.

Jay Kaye

Jay Kaye was an American singer, guitarist, and composer born in Saint Louis, Missouri, but raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was the son of Mary Kaye and grandson of Johnny "Ukulele" Kaaihue. He started his first band “Jay Kaye and the Loved Ones” at 12 years old, and later met producer Robin Spurgin when visiting Vancouver, British Columbia with his mother, with whom he stayed to produce J. K. & Co. - Suddenly One Summer at the age of 15. By 1970 he was living near Los Angeles, California and playing with the semi-pro band The Rush Hour, which opened for Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin. In the '70s he fronted the L.A. band Shotgun and also recorded with the blues-based power trio Champion (7) and 7-piece funk-rock band Masterplan (9). He also performed with The Imperials in Las Vegas and Matt Sorum. In 1985 he moved to Cardiff, Wales, and then to Mallorca, Spain in 1987, where he founded The Jay Kay Band. 

01. J.K. & Co. - Break Of Dawn                              
02. J.K. & Co. - Fly                                        
03. J.K. & Co. - Little Children                            
04. J.K. & Co. - Christine                                  
05. J.K. & Co. - Speed                                      
06. J.K. & Co. - Crystal Ball                               
07. J.K. & Co. - Nobody                                     
08. J.K. & Co. - O.D.                                       
09. J.K. & Co. - Land Of Sensations & Delights              
10. J.K. & Co. - The Times                                  
11. J.K. & Co. - Magical Fingers Of Minerva                 
12. J.K. & Co. - Dead                                       



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